Sanctimony Central

No, not this leftist blog (we’re Sanctimony Junction) – this thread at on extra-marital “affairs” and what to do about them.

You could spend a weekend unpacking the assumptions and prejudices and self-righteousness packed into those comments.

PS Is it surprising that someone would’ve been sad to see the end of Boreanaz? His leaving certainly improved Buffy.

4 responses to “Sanctimony Central

  1. I didn’t read all the comments, but I did read many dozens of them.

    To me it looks like a lot of women have very strong views against adultery.

    And good on them for that.

    The foundation of a prosperous community is a strong family unit.

    And nothing fractures a family like dad philandering.

  2. You’re big on the absolute assertions based on no evidence whatsoever, aren’t you?

  3. I did say “To me it looks like” which I thought implied I was offering my opinion.

    However I would be surprised if anyone could offer up a reasonable arguement against my assertion anyway.

  4. Without getting too sanctimonious, it’s the sense of wanting to have your cake and eat it too that really gets me. Life is always about choosing what to do with your meagre resources, and love is no different.

    The other thing I can say after 25 years of marriage is that people miss out on a lot when they bail out early. My wife is definitely hotter than when we were first married, there’s no way that I’m letting her go now. Hopefully, she says the same thing about me…

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