Reasonable citizenship questions

Do you speak English? Do you know a passable amount about the UK? You should test your suitability for life in the UK with their Citizenship Test, via The Guardian:

20. When was the census first carried out in the United Kingdom?
A 1785
B 1801
C 1851
D 1912

Also, “Why were recruitment centres set up in the West Indies in the 1950s?” and “In which year did married women get the right to divorce their husband?”

If you can’t answer such basic, everyday questions, then “you have insufficient knowledge of the English language or of life in the UK to remain”. Get out, foreigner what speaks bad English.

Clearly, we need something equivalent here.

Suggest your equally reasonable Australian Citizenship Test questions in the comments.

8 responses to “Reasonable citizenship questions

  1. Please indicate the best answer…
    Which of the following words means to be afraid or have hatred of the strange or foreign?

    a) Forphobia
    b) Aussie
    c) Xenophobia
    d) Burka

  2. How many wombats are there in NSW?

    Which year was the Liberal Party formed?

    What is the circulation of the Australian newspaper?
    A. Whatever the correct answer is. Well, I can’t be arsed looking it up.
    B. 1 actually sold. The rest distributed free due to the generosity of Murdoch (aka they can’t sell any).
    C. As many as there are upper middle class rednecks.

    How much will the carbon tax cost the average Australian on an income of ten million dollars?
    A. it’ll roon us all.
    B. The scientific evidence is wrong I tell you, wrong!
    C. Wibble, burble, choo choo.
    D. No!

  3. Let’s not forget questions that were proposed for our own Citizenship Test.

    Questions like ‘Who is Australia’s head of government?’ Answer: John Howard.

    The chutzpah is breathtaking.

  4. narcoticmusing

    Ooo I know a good question that should be on the test:

    What is the Australian solution to Immigration and asylum seeker issues of people already in Australia?
    a) stop the boats!
    b) they’re takin’ our jobs!
    c) make them placeholders for ‘real’ Aussies in queues for things like grand final tickets (and stop the boats)
    d) stop the carbon tax!

  5. I struggle to see why something at least resembling fluency in English is an unreasonable condition of citizenship in the UK (or Australia, for that matter).

    The other questions seem rather pointless, I agree.

  6. I took the test. There wasn’t a single question that was aimed at finding out what my comprehension and English skills were like. I was born and grew up in the UK and I failed it.

    It’s bullshit.

  7. I for one, welcome all decent men and women to our beautiful, tollerant and free country.

    However it’s not unreasonalble that people wanting to make Australia their home know a little of our history, our social institutions and our ways, thus….

    What town did Cyclone Tracy devestate?

    Name the three colours on the Aboriginal flag.

    Who was Australia’s first female Prime Minister?

    Name each Australian state and it’s capital city.

    The Great Barrier Reef is off the eastern coast of which state?

    The natural feature Uluru is sometimes also known as A_____ rock.

    Why do Lifesavers on Australian beaches put up flags?
    a) Because this is the area they patrol and they believe it is the safest place to swim
    b) To indicate an area they believe is dangerous
    c) Just for decoration

    What does the Australian coloquialism “fair dinkum” mean.

    Sing or recite the first verse of the Australina National anthem.

    Revrend John Flynn started the flying ambulance service known as The Royal F____ D____

  8. narcoticmusing

    TF – I find your questions less relevant than the ones provided in the UK test.

    Cyclone Tracy is not relevant to current young Australians, why would it be relevant to immigrants?
    Beach flags only matter if you get out of the cage.
    Geography is a subject that is only compulsory until year 9 in Victoria. Same with history. Most Australians wouldn’t know or care about the answers to your questions.
    You place far too much value in a Reverend for a country whose Constitution states that it will not instill any religion.

    Do you really think it is important that they know about Cyclone Tracy? Then what about Ash Wednesday or Black Saturday? Or do you only care about Qld seeing three of your questions relate to that? Do you get my point, your questions are like the flawed IQ questions, they are based on an assumption of location and relevance that a person of a different age or location to you, who is Australian, wouldn’t give toss. That I can answer your questions is testament to my age, not my merits as an Australian – although I didn’t know or care who the Reverend was and there are some who would debate we’ve ever had a legit female PM (high five SB?)

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