Ticket to what?

Oh, look. The Age has discovered modern board games.

Although I presume it’s buried in the print edition where no-one will see it.

10 responses to “Ticket to what?

  1. jordanrastrick

    Eh, ticket to ride schmicket to ride. Its all about Thurn and Taxis, dawgs.

  2. T&t is awesome. Our present loves are dominion, pandemic and the new, actually decent version of civ.

  3. jordanrastrick

    Yeah, to me T&T does a really good job of correcting what I consider a couple of major design flaws in Ticket to Ride.

    Dominion is a perennial favourite in our group, although lately when we find time to get together to play boardgames, it often seems to be for Arkham Horror – may not be modern but its still lots of fun.

  4. jordanrastrick

    Actually, I stand corrected – the edition of Arkham we play on apparently was published in 2005, and it seems its substantially changed from the old 80’s version. Quite modern after all. There ya go.

  5. Splatterbottom

    “Although I presume it’s buried in the print edition where no-one will see it.”

    Was that irony or jest?

  6. jordanrastrick

    I may be misinterpreting an interpretation here, but SB, I think you’ve taken Jeremy to mean that no one reads print editions, whereas I understood him to be saying “…in the print edition, I presumed its buried where no-one will see”.

    Also Jeremy,

    “and the new, actually decent version of civ”

    This is a board game version of the computer game Civilisation franchise? That’s good?

  7. Yup. There are two versions of Sid Meier’s Civilization as a board game. There’s a 2002 one that’s terrible (Eagle Games I think) and one from last year that’s brilliant (FantasyFlight Games or something I think).

    Wait, I’ll look it up. This is the bad one, and this is the good one.

    SB – I just meant that it was probably buried at the back of the Green Guide. It certainly wasn’t in the iPad edition.

    Jordan – did you ever play Puerto Rico, or its excellent card version San Juan?

  8. Splatterbottom

    I thought you were implying that it was buried by being confined to the print edition (although linking to the internet edition) and that I was missing something. I’ll get in ahead of Buns and the others and admit that in this case the thing I was missing was the ability to read and comprehend.

  9. Eh – all the cool kids are playing Glory to Rome nowadays.

  10. I’ll look at a new game when I’ve figured out Agricola.

    That said… we love San Juan. Which looks like the inspiration for Race for the Galaxy, which in turn looks like the inspiration for GtR. So maybe I should have a look.

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