An easy choice

Okay, so the team of footballers I arbitrarily “support” (Melbourne) is of course nowhere near the Grand Final, again, but that doesn’t mean the meaningless choice of for which team to “barrack” today is a difficult one.

Perhaps this illustration of the two teams will illustrate the reason.

The Geelong team:

The Collingwood team:

It’ll be a tough match, but I think the human beings who play for Geelong will have the edge in terms of ball skills and possessions, not just because their players are mobile and have two arms each compared with the Collingwood players’ one. Not just because they have hearts, and have never worked to relentlessly break their supporters’. But because the relationship of Collingwood’s supporters in the crowd, its paying customers, with those players is such a love-hate one, so damaged, so fraught with regret and anger. By the end of the game, many of the Collingwood punters will be wishing they’d been strong, that they’d resisted the flashing lights, that they’d stayed home and saved their money.

I don’t even want to know what’ll happen to Collingwood’s precious pokies if they lose the club the premiership tomorrow. No matter how many coins Eddie pops into them, the game will still be lost, all that money down the drain. How he’s going to explain that to his family when he gets home?

Tip for next time, Collingwood: try focusing on players, not machines to rob your supporters.

PS: It’s not clear from the internet – just what is the Melbourne Football Club’s view on the pokie reforms? If it’s opposed, then I’m not barracking for it any more.

UPDATE: Could Tony Abbott’s Grand Final address have been any more petty?

10 responses to “An easy choice

  1. narcoticmusing

    I don’t really follow AFL, so I use determinations such as ‘I like cats more than birds, thus cats are preferred’. Nevertheless, I am under instruction (by my other half) that I support Richmond (you can see now why I don’t follow AFL).

  2. jordanrastrick

    Sadly it seems us New South Welshmen and women don’t get the same luxury of choice – from what I can tell all of the clubs and prominent figures in the game are fiercely happy beneficiaries of gambling addiction, from the always idiotic and disgraceful Phil Gould to the usually admirable David Gallop.


  3. jordanrastrick

    Sorry, I probably should have qualified that I’m referring to Australia’s true football code, Rugby League 😛 As followed, in what I can only hope is an unfortunate coincidence, primarily in the two states most in the thrall of the pokie industry….

  4. narcoticmusing

    Woot – evolution wins (ie cats kill birds).

  5. Perhaps you’re making a comparative judgement here Jeremy. But last time I was at the Bentleigh Club – in which the Dees have a major interest – there was a gaming room. I suspect the Leigh Oak also has gaming facilities, but I’m not sure of that.
    I’m a very happy ‘Cat’ and I know we also derive income from pokie venues. As do all AFL clubs in some form I’d speculate. Not saying it’s a good thing. Just that focussing on Collingwood is a tad unfair.

  6. Eddie McGuire brought it on himself and Collingwood. Most clubs have some connection to gambling. Eddie just went off half cocked for no good reason.

    Wasn’t a bad game tho. Geelong were too good. Congrats to them. Considering what a joke they were 15 to 20 years ago they sure have come a long way. I really like Cameron Ling btw. Got a shocking head on the outside, but he gives the impression its actually pretty full of good stuff. Narc – Andy Bolt is a Richmond fan.

    Jordan – the only true code … why you (redacted to save everyone the trouble.) I live in NSW, but grew up in Tassie then Victoria. I saw Phil Gould’s new haircut on tv the other week. He is a classic isn’t he. It must have been hard for most nrllers having to choose between the silvertails and the Kiwis. That’d be like an AFL GF between The Crows and West Coast.

  7. Autonomy – the point is that Geelong publicly supports the proposed legislation to help problem gamblers. Collingwood, through Maguire, were dishonestly calling it a “footy tax”.

    The clubs have spoken. I know which I support.

  8. narcoticmusing

    Jules – while it is unfortunate that Bolt is a Richmond fan, I am advised that supporting Richmond is a genetic condition (looks terminal too).

  9. Nevertheless, I am under instruction (by my other half) that I support Richmond

    Richmond Tigers – they’re a sort-of cat!

    from what I can tell all of the clubs and prominent figures in the game are fiercely happy beneficiaries of gambling addiction

    South Sydney WAS going to get rid of them – Russel Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court didn’t want them there and they had a good plan in place to cover the financial loss (ha!) of removing the coin bandits:

    Unfortunately, it appears that even though the Board of Directors approved the “No Pokies” idea, one bastard played politics, lost $1 million and pretty much forced the club membership to vote against the proposal.

  10. jordanrastrick


    Gould certainly is a “classic.” At least, that’s one way to put it.

    As far as the Manly vs Warriors choice, I think it was a nobrainer for practically everyone to back the kiwis.

    Do Victorians really hate the idea of out-of-town teams like West Coast winning the competition that much? I think successful non-NSW teams in the past like Brisbane and Canberra (Melbourne’s circumstances are obviously a touch different…) were seen perhaps as upstarts to an extent – especially by fans of the foundation clubs – but certainly nothing that could compare to the surely genetic-level loathing held for the silvertails….

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