A good Greens joke

Gerard Henderson is annoyed [What a surprise – Ed] that At Home With Julia is not making enough fun of the Greens. That despite there being HEAPS of good jokes out there about them, SIDE-SPLITTINGLY HILARIOUS ones, that lefties, the people in POWER in the media, won’t share because they don’t dare criticise their holy party of principle.

Gerard makes a few suggestions, but sadly they’re embarrassingly lame or stupid.

Still, I know readers of this blog are much funnier than the “Sydney Institute” [now there’s a comic creation – Ed] crankypants. So let’s see what you can come up with. Make us laugh about the Greens. Satire, straight jokes, comic situations – we just want to be amused. Show us the comedy that the POLITICAL CORRECTNESS CONSTRAINED producers of At Home With Julia are denying us.

12 responses to “A good Greens joke

  1. Journo: “Bob, why do you say we have to kick the coal habit.
    Brown: “I didn’t say that. That is a lie! It was the evil Murdoch press lying about me!”
    Journo (sighs): “Actually Bob the evil Murdoch press gave you half a page to put your own unvarnished words directly to its readers.”
    Brown: “Lies, I tell you. These evil liars must be closed down”
    Journo: See here, Bob. That is exactly what you said.
    Brown: “Oh dear. Another senior moment. Have I mentioned the euthanasia laws? It is very important for people to be able to choose to die with dignity.”

    And there’s this.

    Or a cartoon of Clive Hamilton snapping his suspenders saying “These are for when we have to suspend democracy”.

  2. Tim musing that maybe his life wouldn’t be quite so crazy it he had shacked up with Bob Brown instead of Julia Gillard.

  3. I suppose that’s closer. SB – don’t go into comedy.

  4. …seriously? No-one can come up with anything?

    Fine, go and work at the ABC then. Go on.

  5. The humourless leftists are too busy celebrating Swan’s award for being the World’s Best Treasurer. Now there is a good joke! The only thing funnier would be to give Christine Milne his job!

    The show needs a Lee Rhiannon character plotting attacks on Jewish businesses, a TV in the background featuring a large humourless South Australian Senator reciting Greens policies and defying all attempts to get her to answer a specific question much less let someone else speak. Also Bob Brown should be haunting the lodge as a ghost of an old-testament prophet mumbling about a baby whale being born in the Derwent portending that humanity would soon have the scales lifted from their eyes and stop flushing their toilets.

  6. SB is sort of right – you could get some comedy mileage from presenting exaggerated versions of the Greens. Painting them as totalitarian eco-fascists who are so ridiculously extreme that they become obvious parodies.

    The problem is that half the bloody country wouldn’t recognise it as parody.

  7. jordanrastrick

    “The show needs a Lee Rhiannon character plotting attacks on Jewish businesses”

    This line keeps getting trotted out. However, has any politician or official in the Greens (as opposed to the nuttier fringe groups associated with the BDS) advocated a boycott of Jewish businesses, as opposed to businesses which provide material support for the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza?

    These are not the same thing. The former is necessarily racist and abhorrent. The latter is not.

  8. Splatterbottom

    Jordan, why do you think it is that only Israel deserves a BDS campaign? And why attack a chocolate shop FFS?

    Next time these fascists attack the Max Brenner shop across the road from my work, I’ve got my Israeli flag and IDF T-shirt at hand so that I can dive out of the office and confront them. I patronise that shop as frequently as possible, and usually there are a few hijabis in there. Chocolate crosses all boundaries. One day it may even tame the most ancient hatred.

  9. Is there some other country currently occupying Palestine?

    Labelling the BDS campaign “anti-Jewish” is the equivalent of labelling critics of Barrack Obama as “anti-black”: yet for some reason you’re capable of seeing the intellectual dishonesty in one but not the other.

    It’s probably your ideological bias.

  10. “The problem is that half the bloody country wouldn’t recognise it as parody.”

    But they’d enjoy it.

  11. jordanrastrick

    Jordan, why do you think it is that only Israel deserves a BDS campaign? And why attack a chocolate shop FFS?

    Previous reply swallowed by WordPress….

    Anyway, SB, you’re jumping to conclusions, that are, as it happens, wrong.

    I don’t, personally, support the BDS. And if I were to use my personal consumer spending choices as a platform for activism designed to pressure the governments of countries with objectionable policies, there are indeed various nations I would target ahead of Israel.

    Its still nonsense, though, to claim the BDS is inherently racist.

    There are of course racists associated with the cause. But Max Brenner was not targeted for simply being a Jewish business. It was targeted, rightly or wrongly, because as I noted it provides direct material support to IDF forces engaged in the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. You might think that occupation right or wrong, but its not racist to believe the latter or to take political actions on that basis.

    I will keep buying chocolate at Max Brenner; I don’t agree with the protesters. But I’m not going to accuse them specifically of racism or Nazism (as opposed to bad tactics, or questionable judgement, or poor priorities, etc) except where they say and do racist things.

  12. I think it might be a good idea to boycott dead sea cosmetics or whatever they’re called, not because of whatever links to illegal settlements they may have but because of their history of visa fraud (encouraging their employees to enter countries under tourist visas despite intentions of working as salespeople).
    I don’t know if that’s the case here, or just in their American sales division though.

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