And we’re back

Best wedding ever. Best honeymoon ever. Okay, I haven’t experienced every wedding and honeymoon ever such that I’d have any credibility making that comparison, but I can’t imagine one being better. Even the bits that weren’t so good – the luxurious second resort that dumped pesticide on us so we escaped back to the original one – just made us appreciate the awesomeness of where we were the rest of the time even more. Is there anything more glorious than marrying the love of your life? And then honeymooning with her in paradise?

Happy times

So, now – what’s Australia been up to while we’ve been away? Anything interesting?


10 responses to “And we’re back

  1. You’re punching way above your weight, Jeremy! 🙂
    Nice to have you back.

  2. Welcome back. Not much different to when you left – Australian politics is still barrelling at full stream down the rabbit hole.

  3. Welcome Back,

    Nothing’s changed.

    Labour is getting thier ar$e handed to them by the MSM.

    Bolta had a moral epiphany, but he got better.

    SB has been… pretty much the same.

    Business as usual.

  4. Splatterbottom

    Missed you. Not much has changed. The Labor death spiral continues. Maybe you could post on the joys of love for while.

  5. jordanrastrick

    Welcome back.

  6. narcoticmusing

    Welcome back J.

  7. Hope it was a great wedding.

    “Is there anything more glorious than marrying the love of your life? And then honeymooning with her in paradise?”

    Not really. Maybe having a kid with her. (I’ll find out in the next fortnight.)

  8. Hmmm … no beard, I see …

    An interesting question I would like to ask is: who was taking the photo, if this was a HONEYMOON?!

  9. Jeremy has incredibly long arms, Returned Man. He took the photo with the arm that’s resting on his knee. We took a waterproof camera with us.

  10. narcoticmusing

    Now I am imagining Inspector Gadget…

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