Spoiled little brats

News Ltd is rightly appalled at the idea of treating “illegal” children even slightly humanely:

Those darn “spoiled” children with the bare minimum education we can get away with providing them.

Gosh, the way we’re so nice to immigrants! It just makes you want to… you know. You know what I mean, unhinged News Ltd readers, right?

5 responses to “Spoiled little brats

  1. You can’t make them productive members of society before they come to Australia. That would make the idea that refugees are just drains on welfare moot. We can’t have that!

  2. What do you mean? Can’t we just say it anyway?

  3. Sorry – I thought it would just display a link to the clip.

  4. narcoticmusing

    Lykurgus – are you suggesting that the orgy pile is the only solution?

  5. I wonder when News Limited realised that pandering to the absolute worst in humanity was a profitable business model.

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