Joe Hockey’s cry for help

Apparently the Liberal’s shadow treasurer spent the day walking around Canberra with a cardboard cutout of Kevin Rudd, taking photographs of it in front of various landmarks.

Nobody is really sure why. Where were his minders? Where were his carers?

Fortunately, for those who want the best for the man, he left a record on the Internet for professionals to study.

@JoeHockey @KRuddMP dropped into my office to say hi:

@JoeHockey This morning @KRuddMP visited China:

@JoeHockey Then @KRuddMP decided to drop in to say hi to his friends at the Indonesian embassy:

@JoeHockey Then @KRuddMP pops up to Red Hill to look over the land he once controlled. “It should all be mine!” he exclaimed:

@JoeHockey After a long day of travel @KRuddMP decides it is time for a rest at Aussie’s in Parliament House:

@JoeHockey From Parliament @KRuddMP went down to see his mates at @USAembassyinOZ. Sadly his access was denied!

Cries for help from a lonely, confused man. Please use the comments to send a compassionate message to Joe, to let him know we care. And we’re worried about him.

9 responses to “Joe Hockey’s cry for help

  1. How much do we pay him to do this?

  2. It seemed from the news it was a staffer travelling around, but tweeting the photos from Joe’s account indicates approval, except when Joe tells us otherwise tomorrow.

  3. Glad his staffers are working hard. And to answer your question Caroline: “too much”.

  4. Just when I thought Joe was one of the more sensible politicians we had…

  5. narcoticmusing

    Hockey is a bully and a thug; this is just another example.

  6. narcoticmusing wrote:
    Hockey is a bully and a thug; this is just another example.
    Nah! He’s just a boofy klutz.
    More to the point is why he wasted a day performing these stunts. Perhaps he should consider putting his days pay back into Consolidated Revenue.

  7. narcoticmusing

    Perhaps if he spent time understanding the budget papers, rather than stunts like this, he wouldn’t be left ‘swinging in the wind’.

  8. Labour wanted to do the same, but the printing costs for such a large surface area were too much.

  9. narcoticmusing

    Well with the pollsters making policy for them, its little wonder they all have plenty of time now.

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