Venting Thread – WordPress edition has gone and changed the commenting system on us. There doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about it, but I know people are annoyed so – here’s a thread to vent about it. Or anything else that’s been annoying you.

10 responses to “Venting Thread – WordPress edition

  1. narcoticmusing

    I wish leaving a comment here had been easier 😉

    With respect Jeremy, you are a saint for giving us a venting space.

  2. Have you looked at registering a domain and using standalone WP, Jeremy?

    I used to administer several standalone WP sites two or three years ago and I know there was a lot more control doing it that way. Perhaps that has changed too; I don’t really know.

  3. I just logged in using Twitter and this little notice which I’ve seen a few times recently disturbed me, “Access your direct messages [on Twitter] until June 30th, 2011.”

    I wonder how many of us considered our DMs on Twitter to be the equivalent of private messages? I did (perhaps stupidly) and have now deleted them all).

  4. Ronson: This is why I don’t use Twitter, Facebook, etc. Until the protocols are published and third-party servers can be set up that freely interoperate with the main systems, they are nothing more than a privacy-invading scam. Twitter and Facebook are architected the way they are because the result is monetizable in a way that pre-existing peer-to-peer systems like e-mail, IRC, Jabber, etc weren’t. They deliberately crippled the technology to make money – money from ads and money from on-selling your personal data to others. If it isn’t hosted on your own machine, then it isn’t yours.

  5. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, just adds to my WordPress problems, I have to jump through hoops to post and now for some bizarre reason wordPress has decided we need to click the post button twice. WTF, I just don’t do double clicking anymore, a mouse (proper one) has more than one button.

  6. “now for some bizarre reason wordPress has decided we need to click the post button twice.”

    Yeah, I don’t know what’s with that. It’s somewhat annoying.

    “Have you looked at registering a domain and using standalone WP, Jeremy?”

    Just haven’t gotten around to it. Time, mainly.

  7. Does the new WordPress have a “preview” mode that activates on the first click, but which is turned off for this blog at the moment? That’s the only thing I can think of that would be a “logical” reason for the double-click. Otherwise … BUG!

  8. It doesn’t seem to have changed for me but I’m commenting using a WordPress account.

  9. No probs logging in with a wordpress account.

  10. jordanrastrick

    For what its worth, I don’t think its an account issue, at least not exclusively. I have a WP account but with IE7 (which I guess is only, I think, the most common browser on the net these days?) I get no luck. However have just installed Chrome here and I seem to be back on track.

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