What aren’t they responsible for?

You know the far-right blog Catallaxy? Check out their theory on QANTAS’ decision to ground planes rather than fly them through a volcanic ash cloud:

[It] makes one wonder about Qantas’ priorities. It doesn’t seem to be the passenger – the cost of the delays must be considerable, personally and financially. It costs a little more in fuel to fly at a lower altitude and distance by flying around but its seems that the revealed preference by Qantas is to put passengers last.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the militant Qantas unions?

Yes, the unions. That’s so like them. Always determined to put stockholders’ money ahead of the customers…

Also, I hear they’re responsible for the climate change that’s not happening and war in the Middle East.

Oh, Catallaxy. Don’t ever change. (As if you would.)

2 responses to “What aren’t they responsible for?

  1. Catching up

    I am sure if the unions were responsible, Qantas would have let us know.

  2. I love right-wing logic. Unions are formed to get their members better pay. If planes are not flying, then those unionized pilots and cabin staff don’t get paid. Therefore unions are responsible for grounding planes. Er … what?

    CASA or whoever needs to come up with some better rules for situations like this – either everyone flies (even if the long way round) or no one flies. Leaving it up to the airlines to make decisions based on short-term profitability obviously does not lead to a consistent outcome for passengers.

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