A weird obsession

I didn’t see yesterday’s Question Time, so thanks a lot Greg Jericho for depressing me about it:

It was only three sitting days ago that the Budget was delivered. The Libs have had two weeks to pick apart the budget papers. So how many questions today do you think were on the budget? How many questions today were from the Shadow Treasurer, Joe Hockey or the Shadow Finance Minister Andrew Robb?

Yeah that’d be none.

I know Robb was there, I saw him before question time started, and he was on straight after. But during actual question time? err no.

So the Opposition didn’t want to talk the economy. What did they want to talk about? Yep, you guessed it: THE BOATS.

Sigh. Yes, the “alternative government”, with no better ideas on how to run the country, instead consumed by a weird obsession with a small number of asylum seekers who happen to arrive by boat. It’s ridiculous. Why aren’t they a laughing stock?

3 responses to “A weird obsession

  1. Catching up

    Last week it was the budget that the Opposition wanted buried. This week it is the Climate Report.
    The Opposition is using the same technique. Simple, we do not talk about it.
    No budget reply. No one available to talk about the Climate Change Report.
    Focus on the fear campaign. Do not allow any diversion. Smother anything the government says, by ignoring them.

  2. They aren’t a laughing stock because mr murdoch wants them to be the government which is in his best interests. His ‘independent’ toadies that put out his propaganda sheets will do their best to hide and confuse any positive information till he gets his way. Until then we can just “harden up” and learn to take it.

  3. Judging by the antics of Fairfax, the Aunty and the networks, the entire press pack wanted him in.
    I saw Tony Abbott doing a sitdown with Kerry O’Briens replacement recently (having heard about Bob Brown getting essentially heckled by said interviewer during his sit-down, not allowed to get a word in).

    Let’s just say that the mental image of Tony Abbott getting a blowjob during a sit-down interview will be with me for a very long time…
    My apologies if I just infected any of YOU with it.

    Still, Paul Keating had worse PR problems than this (trailed Hewson by 20), and would’ve still knocked this lot into orbit.

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