A pretty darn excellent birthday present

One of these.

I am a lucky bastard with an awesome fiancee.

Now, if I can fly it at a decent height for a few minutes without the wind trying to blow it into a tree or behind a building, then I’ll be able to get some pretty awesome footage. Of, uh, local sports ovals from the air.

10 responses to “A pretty darn excellent birthday present

  1. skyisgreen

    If I had one (and I wish I did… hint, hint girlfriend!), then I would try taking photos over the fence of the remand centre and see what happened. That could be fun 🙂

  2. BTW, happy birthday.

  3. Marek Bage

    How cool is Keri??
    Happy belated birthday.


  4. duncan1978

    What a great toy! I want one.

    I reckon every freedom fighter/terrorist/petty criminal in the world will want their own surveillance drone!

  5. And every police force.

    A chopper just flew over the house (at tree top height) 5 minutes ago, now its buzzing back and forth over the valley below. At least if the cops used those things it wouldn’t scare the crap out of the cattle.

  6. That sucks Jules. I have had similar problems recently. Cattle scared, fences damaged.

    Bastards. I wish i had an anti-aircraft gun 🙂

  7. Turns out it was a energy co chopper checking power lines. Still the same thing applies – it scares the crap out of the animals. (And all the people growing weed round here.)

  8. Which doesn’t include me, I might add.


    (hops up and down)

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