If rightwingers vote for Hanson, then clearly it’s the Greens’ fault

I might not be a NSW voter, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be outraged at the Greens on their behalves.

Did you know that on the weekend, most of the Greens’ how-to-vote cards did not tell their voters where to put their preferences? They left it completely up to the individual voter. Like we can be trusted to make up our own minds. HOW ARE WE TO KNOW which party the Greens enthusiastically endorse and can be made to take responsibility for if they won’t put them second? How are we supposed to know who a vote for the Greens is for if no other parties are mentioned? What, it’s just a vote for the Greens? How can we tell which party to be afraid they’re in an alliance with if they won’t put one second? Are we supposed to believe they just want to represent us directly and frankly are not so keen on the other parties which is precisely why they’re running against them?


Bob Brown might be comfortable leaving preferences up to voters and concentrating on the job of representing their viewpoint in parliament – but if the Greens won’t tell us about the other parties, how are we supposed to find out about them? Why can’t we rely on the Greens to do the job of the media for them?

You know what happens when the Greens don’t preference anyone? They don’t preference anyone. But you know what else can happen? Other people who vote for Pauline Hanson can get her elected, maybe, if there are enough of them. And that’s clearly the fault of the Greens Party that didn’t preference her and the Greens voters who didn’t vote for her. Who else are we going to blame – the right-wing voters who like her and cast ballots for her?

Basically, if the Greens can’t live up to the ludicrous faux expectations of political opponents who wish them harm, then WHAT IS THE POINT OF THEM?

PS Why do they still insist on representing lefties?

One response to “If rightwingers vote for Hanson, then clearly it’s the Greens’ fault

  1. You give way too much credit to the average voter, Jeremy. Most have trouble walking and chewing at the same time. Greens voters not withstanding.


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