Trouble in Paradise

Some upsetting news regarding Pastor “Storming Heaven” Nalliah and the Australian “Christian” Lobby, as they bitterly fight amongst themselves:

So since I went out with this information last week, I have also been warned by ACL through a third party that they are planning to sue me. I do have it in writing. Is ACL, rather than holding SteriHealth accountable, in some way covering up and threatening to sue their own brothers for doing good.

I’m sure all Australia is praying that these crazy kids can get it together again.

ELSEWHERE: An American woman whinges about the deceptions in which the anti-abortion industry has to engage in order to fight The Good Fight.

And the Onion News Network reports on an innovative solution

2 responses to “Trouble in Paradise

  1. Murdered babies in landfills, trucks and wheelie-bins… didn’t Alice Cooper do a song about that?

  2. Be careful what you write about Pastor (what happened to ‘Doctor’, oh that’s right it was fake) Nalliah cos he has a direct line to God who tells him stuff. So if you keep in his good books when God next has a tete-a-tete with him he might put in a good word for you.

    Of course God has told the Pastor a porky or two. Like Johnny would be elected in 07 and Pete would succeed him soon after. Probably explained by some interference on the line.

    To think the people who follow this nut bag get to vote.

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