Madness takes its toll

Liberal Senator Mary Jo Fisher goes completely off the deep end trying to convey a sense of the confusion she would like voters to feel about the carbon price proposal. I think she thought it would come across as witty, or funny, rather than unhinged and demented. The ABC generously calls it a “parody”, but that’s a real stretch (unless there’s some disturbing footage out there of Gillard I really don’t want to see).

If you’d like to retain some semblance of respect for the Australian Senate – where this actually happened – don’t watch the video.

8 responses to “Madness takes its toll

  1. Have the Coalition been having drama lessons. We have had a few performances in the last week or so. Some have definitely changed the way they present in parliament, though I must confess some are very hammy and could benefit from more lessons. I wonder where the Opposition and their supporters got the idea from that acting is not enough, you also have to yell when making a speech. It is very hard on the ears, and I am a little deaf.

  2. That was bizarre.

    Could be a You Tube hit.

  3. That is hysterical Dave. Definitely watch that video, makes perfect sense.

  4. Jesus , that’s seriously unhinged. Both MJF and Charlie Sheen, I mean.

    Charlie sounds like he’s been listen to a bit of Bill Hicks. That “unevolved mind” line is a direct quote from Hicks isn’t it?

  5. Splatterbottom

    That was brilliant. We need more street theatre in parliament. The senator nailed ‘jump to the left’ and ‘knees in tight’ parts about Gillard, but I wonder whether the pelvic thrust isn’t something Brown is going to administer to Gillard’s eager twitching sphincter. She’s hot to trot on this one. You go girl!

  6. PJH, Alex Jones who Charlie Sheen is always ranting to, made a career out of ripping off BH.

    Sheen went on the Jones show and claimed 9/11 was an “inside job” a year or two ago. Ever since then its been all downhill for his state of mind I think.

  7. Kindness to the deranged. Very touching, SB.

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