A tip for Melbourne’s worker-abusing “top” hotels

Thought institutionalised abuse of hospitality workers wasn’t really a problem in Melbourne? Afraid it is:

The report finds that dangerous workloads, poverty wages and a toxic climate of fear are evident in many of Melbourne’s top luxury hotels.

“Tucked away behind the chandeliers and those shiny, opulent lobbies are a bullied and brutalised workforce of migrant women,” said Melba Marginson, Executive Officer of the Victorian Immigrant and Refugee Women’s Coalition, which produced the report.

“Room attendants get as little as 15 minutes to clean hotel rooms, even though it takes about 45 minutes to properly clean a room after a guest checks out. Almost no room attendant we surveyed can clean a hotel room in the minimal time they are given. Most are expected to stay back and work for free.

“Workers have had their wages docked and fear dismissal if they refuse to work for free. Workloads are so extreme across our city that half of all full-time room attendants have been injured at work. Meanwhile these hotels are making huge profits, charging guests up to $1500 a night.

“Melbourne room attendants are so poorly paid that some are rationing food, falling behind in rent and cannot afford to buy new clothes.”

Did you hear about the Hotels With Heart campaign fighting this, when it launched in October? Me neither.

And the Hilton is still refusing to sign any charter improving its treatment of its workers.

Lucky for them that the media aren’t paying attention, I guess.

One response to “A tip for Melbourne’s worker-abusing “top” hotels

  1. I’ve heard about ‘Hotels with Heart’. It’s a campaign being run by the LHMU.

    Fortunately for the big hotel chains no one seems to give a shit. 😦

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