I’m sorry Dave (& Jeremy), I’m afraid I can’t do that

If anyone’s wondering what’s happening at Pure Poison, there’ve been some kind of server issues at Crikey. (ZOMG IS IT A CONSPIRACY OR HAVE THE COMPUTERS TURNED ON THEIR MASTERS EXCLAMATION MARK NUMBER ONE NUMBER ONE EXCLAMATION MARK.)

But Ha-al, people need to read my most recent retort to Andrew Bolt no-ow!

They’re apparently restoring the last day’s worth of posts and comments at the moment, so they should reappear very soon – hopefully fully intact and with all the comments up to the point where the system went awry.

UPDATE: 2.30pm maybe? They’re still working on it.

I blame Anonymous – I told Dave we shouldn’t have blocked credit card payments to Wikileaks, but he’s all like “hey, they’re traitors and need to be stopped”, and then he offers to help the Egyptian government to block the internet, and next thing we know our blog stops working. It’s either the vengeance of internet freedom fighters around the world, or a run-of-the-mill computer error AND WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF SUCH A THING.

18 responses to “I’m sorry Dave (& Jeremy), I’m afraid I can’t do that

  1. I stand by all of my actions, I was simply acting in the best interests of the freedom loving western world. Also, fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.

  2. Dave! I read on the internet that you got attacked by a roving gang of mythical lawyers, who shimmered into existence at the desperate hoping of someone who really doesn’t like you, and then devoured you whole before destroying our site and every site in any way connected with it. But you’re okay! Do you mean to tell me that these pretend lawyers with their imaginary complaints are entirely made-up and that I should stop reading internet scuttlebutt written by deranged anonymous idiots?

  3. I heard Pure Poison was seen in the vicinity of a knoll that may or may not be grassy, and that’s why the posts are gone. Also, Dave’s beard was involved in the faking of the moon landing.

    I’m not sure there are enough capital letters in this post. Try harder.

  4. Maybe we’ve fallen afoul of the Internet ALL-CAPS police.

  5. I heard the builderburkas were upset about the exposure of their plan to use a certain trollumnist to stir up anti jainist feeling as part of their plot to insert speed cameras into news limited newspapers. All part of another fiendish plot to turn AFL football into Rugby Union using CIA trained “indigenous people who secretly hate our freedoms” and haka’s, all the while getting Hosni Mubarak a nice cushy retirement as head of the ICC.

    Its why they built the pyramids.

  6. The fact that comment is in moderation only proves its true. (Obviously.)

  7. Oh noez that wasn’t sposed to happen…

  8. I blame Israel.


  9. Anti-Semite!

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  11. It was Venus, extraordinarily bright for this time of year, reflecting off swamp gas.

  12. Do other Crikey Blogs suffer as badly as Pure Poison? I mean before these recent outages the moderation filter was completely broken. Personally I gave up before Christmas, though the topics are great as are many of the posters it was just way too frustrating (for me) seeing most of my posts stuck in moderation for no reason.

  13. The moderation filter is just WordPress being stupid. It’s just as broken here. It’s just one of those things about commenting on the internet.

    The only way around it is to have no moderation, but unfortunately that’s a bit risky in a world of spiteful trolls.

  14. I’m on moderation half the time around here as well.

    But I think that might be deliberate

  15. “It’s just one of those things about commenting on the internet. ”

    ….via wordpress, I didn’t realise that Crikey and Anonymous Lefty used the same software. I thought that moderation may take a bit longer here because only you are doing it.

    The Blogs are free so I don’t want to bag you guys but it surprises me that a commercial enterprise like Crikey would try to do things on the cheap. You get what you pay for.

    “The only way around it is to have no moderation”

    Is this because of the fear of litigation, which is highlighted by what happened to Stephen Mayne? Is this unique to Australia because sites like Ars Technica have no such issues.

  16. Moderation’s a bit slow sometimes at Pure Poison because it’s just Dave and I and we of course both have other jobs. And because we write about a couple if very thin-skinned personalities, comments need to be vetted carefully.

  17. Thanks Jeremy, I feel bad about cracking the shits to Dave just before Christmas.. Glad I was polite. I do realise that these thin-skinned types have a tendency to scream “I’ll sue” and I guess even if they haven’t got grounds it’s strife that you and Dave can do without (considering you both have real jobs)

    I thought that because PP was hosted at Crikey then maybe they assisted with the running of the blog. Serves me right for making assumptions.

  18. Well, it’s on their servers and looked after by their tech people, but they don’t provide moderators. We provide them with content and keep the comment threads ticking over, and they pay us for our work.

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