Don’t ask don’t tell

Clearly deployment to Afghanistan is a very different experience than I’d assumed:

* Defence personnel warned about viagra overuse
* Follows concerns over rampant overuse of drug

Well, how could they resist? The soft glow of phosphorus in the evening. The rhythmic thudding of artillery in the distance. The heady aroma of incendiary rounds in the air.

Quite a sexy destination, that war-torn Afghanistan.

5 responses to “Don’t ask don’t tell

  1. Seriously priapism and military patrols porbably don’t mix.

  2. This is my rifle, this is my gun, this ones for fighting, this one’s for fun.

    I wonder if the Viagra cum’s in the ration packs? You were lucky if you got the tube of lube when I served. I lied about the lube, it was usually strawberry jam.

  3. What about that tubed condensed milk?

  4. “What about that tubed condensed milk?”

    Disgusting stuff, I learned to drink coffee & tea black. The condensed milk could however, be used to fix such things as torn soles on boots. I think the Viagra story is a bit of a beat up actually.

  5. “I think the Viagra story is a bit of a beat up actually.”

    A beat up on!? Never! I won’t have it…

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