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Now you see them, now you don’t

Peter Ryan, Deputy Premier of Victoria and Minister Police and Emergency Services, reveals his government’s priority on matters of road safety:

Cameras save lives. The Coalition Government is going to do all it can to instil (sic) that belief in the minds of Victorian motorists.

I’d have thought they might concentrate on a message to positively effect driver behaviour on the road, like “speed kills” or “concentrate while driving” or something like that, but advocating for voters to think more kindly of cameras is, you know, interesting too.

So unappreciated.

Meanwhile, there appears to be some confusion over what precisely Ryan is going to do about revealing the location of hidden cameras. The Herald Sun seems to think it’s going to be allowed to reveal all of them:

One measure of openness Mr Ryan is introducing today is to honour an election campaign pledge to allow the Herald Sun to reveal the location of previously secret mobile speed camera sites.

This welcome transparency about the siting of speed cameras will help ensure they are not placed in inappropriate areas. And if any motorist thinks any of the sites is inappropriate, they can take their concerns to the independent traffic camera commissioner.

Whereas Ryan seems to be saying that he sees a role for hidden cameras, too:

In the case of the detection of speeding motorists, police presence needs to be combined with a degree of covert police activity so that those who persistently flout the law are rightly caught.

So… that would be a no then? Even though the Herald Sun is convinced it’s a yes?

Look, are there going to be hidden cameras or not? If so, then how will motorists be able to object to “inappropriately” placed ones? If not, then how will police stop motorists “who persistently flout the law” in any area they know has no cameras?

Something there just doesn’t add up.