They hate Lara too

Unhappy customers to mount a class-action lawsuit against Vodafone?

Colour me surprised.

13 responses to “They hate Lara too

  1. I must say a bunch of white kids unable to get their social media fix as instantaneously as they’d like don’t make the most sympathetic class of plaintiffs. But if PiperAlderman sees big fees in shaking down an admittedly crappy mobile telco for massive damages while actual customers (many of whom think the process of registering to vote is onerous) are left to file forms to get a $25 voucher, so be it.

  2. Funny how you’re less keen on punishment as deterrent when it’s a corporation in the metaphorical dock.

    PS Vodafone sells services to people of all races and ages. When it fails to provide them, it’s breaching its contract with those clients. Why shouldn’t they recover against it?

  3. I’m a Vodaphone client myself. Am I happy with their service? Not particularly. For some reason I can’t make or receive calls in my kitchen, which is inconvenient, and occasionally I have to try a couple of times to get a call to connect. This is not the greatest injustice in the world, however, and at some point when I can be bothered I’ll go and move to one of the other providers.

    I’m perfectly happy for Vodaphone to suffer loss of market share, reputational damage, etc, and be pushed to lift its game by competition. Their product seems inferior, and I wouldn’t encourage anyone to sign up with them. I’m just not sure that a class action lawsuit, which takes forever, and which will likely see a big law firm reap massive fees while those customers “victimised” by Vodaphone receive the opportunity to maybe fill out a form and eventually get some token compensation as the best way to fix the problem.

  4. I’m a Vodaphone client myself. Am I happy with their service? Not particularly.

    So it must be fair for me to characterise you as a

    white kid unable to get their social media fix as instantaneously as they’d like

  5. My problems with Vodaphone aren’t much worse than that. “White guy who had to try a second time to ring his partner from Coles to ask if we needed more rigatoni” would be pretty fair.

  6. Well, I lost a lot of business calls because of Vodafone – hardly a plus in my line of work. Potentially a big problem. Perhaps you don’t rely on your phone for a living.

    I got out of my contract early a few months ago – it was getting beyond a joke.

  7. Yeah, if I relied on my phone for work, I’d have bolted the contract – and if you know how to deal with their call centres it’s not that hard. It’s just not something I’m particularly fussed about dealing with at this point of time, but when a few hundred thousand Jeremys make the move, they’ll sit up and take notice, and sort themselves out or fall over.

  8. Shabadoo, im a Cancer patient, and I missed several calls from doctors, labs, hospitals, and it took four weeks to get out of the contract. In the meantime, my service was so bad that I couldn’t get through to the call centre, and Vodaphone was trying to call me back and couldn’t get through. In the end Jeremy had to take (and make) all my medical calls, and I cannot tell you how much stress that added. That had nothing to do with me being a “White kid” who needed her social network fix, but someone who needed to have mobile phone, and had been promised it ( I’d previously called Vodaphone and they told me the problem would get better)

    In your rush to pillary Jeremy, you’re ignoring the people who have a genuine need coverage, sign up on that promise, and get fobbed off when they’re most stressed. Classy.

  9. I’m sorry to hear about your health situation Keri. I send you my warmest wishes.

  10. thedailymagnet

    Keri – all the best for your fight.
    Telstra had to bring in a legal agreement to fix phones straight away for people with potentially life threatening conditions, many, many years ago – I don’t see why the other comms companies can’t be compelled to perform up to that standard.
    I use the phone all day for my work, too, and I was with Voda for 2 years. The reception is chronic. Their bundles with other software companies are tragic, but the domestic complaints staff have always been pretty helpful.

    I think it is telling that these problems have just gotten unbearable and unresolvable only since they merged with the terrible 3 company – they are truly shocking. In a recent dispute which eventually went to the TIO, they continued to take money out of my account – much more than they were authorized to by contract, and, they would not respond to requests to deal with the problem, and would not close my account even after the contract had ended. Eventually they said they’d pay back the money they should not have taken but I am still waiting – however, they wanted me to close the dispute with TIO immediately, before they had paid it back into my account. So dodgy.

  11. I’m going to stab the next person who spells it as “Vodaphone”.

    As much as I hate them, it’s spelt V-O-D-A-F-O-N-E.

  12. Spelling it “Fone” is stupid.

    Thanks, all. We’ve had some great news on the cancer front in the last couple of days. I had a further excision (resulting in a lovely 15 cm wound, but no skin grafts, so that was fairly awesome) and we got the new on New Years Eve that I’m officially cancer free for 2011!

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