There’s a reason the right conflates “green” and “Green”

Ever noticed how whenever some shyster releases a dodgy scheme and calls it “green”, its failures are blamed on the conservation movement or the Greens political party? When BHP or the Commonwealth Bank – or News Ltd – advertise some “green” policy they’re implementing, could anyone seriously believe they’ve anything to do with the Australian Greens? (Or that simply using some recycled paper makes a company “green” in any meaningful sense?)

The Greens don’t own the word, and it is easily co-opted by the cynics of the corporate world – and outright crooks – for money-making ventures that the Greens would vigorously oppose: not that it stops their critics from using those failures to bash them. Critics who deliberately conflate “green” and “The Greens” and then, to add insult to injury, pretend that it’s the Greens who’ve fostered that confusion.

When BP changed its logo to one that looks like a flower and allocated a tiny proportion of its resources to “renewable” energy, its failures suddenly became the fault of Green parties around the world.

Senator Christine Milne writes in the Punch today criticising the “Green loans” scheme – a great idea mismanaged into a debacle – but see the name? It’s an ALP scheme to which the party applied the word “green”.

So you can guess who’ll get the blame, even as they’re trying to hold the real offenders to account.

22 responses to “There’s a reason the right conflates “green” and “Green”

  1. So can we blame Labor for any labour problems, Nationals for any national problems, Family First for any family problems and Liberals for any liberalism?

  2. So does that mean we can blame the Sex Party for…

    … on second thoughts, I won’t go there.

  3. You’re right of course; the word “green” has been co-opted to mean anything vaguely environmental, and there’s plenty of shysters out there using that word to associate their product with something that is less harmful to the planet. And there’s plenty of fools that fall that marketing, but there’s also plenty of people who are becoming increasingly cynical.

    I think “The Greens”, as a political party, probably need to consider changing their name to something that people are less cynical with.

  4. Splatterbottom

    Shermozzle, the country Party has a lot to answer for as well.

    PJH: “the word β€œgreen” has been co-opted to mean anything vaguely environmental”

    The word had that meaning long before The Greens appropriated it to cover the stinking red core of their “progressive” ideology.

  5. SB, do you ever try to make a subtle point? Ever?

  6. Splatterbottom

    Redravens, subtlety is for pussies. Australian culture requires one to call a spade a a fucking shovel. We might as well say what we really think. Like on Boxing Day with the rellies!

  7. Well if you go around bashing people on the head with spades in order to try and make your point, don’t be surprised if people don’t find it convincing.

    And I’d argue that subtlety is for those who think that their argument is convincing in itself rather than those who just think their opponent’s argument is bullshit.

    Oh well, you say potato… (or fucking root vegtable, as the case may be)

  8. “Redravens, subtlety is for pussies. Australian culture requires one to call a spade a a fucking shovel”


  9. Ahh SB, you crack me up, on the one hand you don’t like your stupid fucking religion mocked yet you describe those to the left of you (nearly everyone) in the rudest terms because of their ideologies (beliefs) , you are a hypocritical cunt… Entertaining but still a stupid cunt that believes in fairy tales..

    Merry Christmas.. πŸ™‚

  10. Catholic TWAT! πŸ™‚

  11. paedophile enabler!

  12. Splatterbottom

    Merry Christmas to you all!

  13. And to you SB

    And thanks to Jeremy for allowing some robust debate on here.

  14. ” …. subtlety is for pussies.”

    Subtlety, n. acuteness or penetration of mind; delicacy of discrimination.

    Well, you’re obviously not a pussy SB.

    “Merry Christmas to you all!”


  15. Splatterbottom

    You left a few items out of the definition, bloods:

    …. thin, tenuous, or rarefied, as a fluid or an odor.
    …. difficult to perceive or understand.
    …. delicate or faint and mysterious: a subtle smile.
    …. cunning, wily, or crafty: a subtle liar.
    …. insidious in operation: subtle poison.

    You probably thought you were being subtle, pussy.

  16. Are you the opposite of subtle?

  17. Because if you are, here’s a few to be going on with that seem to fit the bill: hard, harsh, noisy, concrete, obvious, plain, simple, dense, imperceptive, insensitive, obtuse, slow, stupid, foolish, inept, silly, naive, gullible, unimaginative, clumsy, coarse, heavy, rough, gross, neglectful, negligent, undiscerning, undiscriminating, crude, flawed, horrible, horrifying, imperfect, inferior, poor, ugly.

  18. Indeed – Merry Christmas to all.

    May our ability to vent, argue, nitpick and berate others on this site save all our families from having to listen to us lecture them on politics at the Christmas table!!



  19. Frohe Weihnachten from this part of the world.

  20. “May our ability to vent, argue, nitpick and berate others on this site save all our families from having to listen to us lecture them on politics at the Christmas table!!”

    You know, that was originally the aim of this site. To preserve my then marriage by giving me an outlet for political discussion…

    My then marriage…

    Merry solstice to all.

  21. jordanrastrick

    Merry Christmas/Yule/Chanukah/Festivus/Solstace/etc to you all, you pack of charming braindead Comminazis πŸ™‚

  22. Just delurking for a second to wish you Jeremy all the best for the festive season. Thank you providing one of the most intelligent blogs out there.

    Same to all you other posters, cheers for the engaging dialog and the fascinating links. I am richer for reading here. Ya’ll have a joyful end of year.

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