War on fare evaders/cheeky commuters compromised

Public transport ticket inspectors here in Melbourne have outrageously been criticised by the Ombudsman for “improper conduct”. Apparently senseless violence against potential fare evaders/insolent children is somehow wrong.

No ticket!

And what’s worse, many of these incidents were referred to the Ombudsman by the operators in order to prosecute the citizens involved. How could their agents administering blunt justice be so betrayed?

”Closed circuit television footage provided to my office has highlighted a number of examples of inappropriate authorised officer conduct and use of excessive force,” the Ombudsman said.

”Of concern was that the incidents in question were referred to the department by the operators for possible prosecution of the commuters involved” – not the ticket inspectors. ”In my view, this demonstrates that authorised officers and their managers are clearly not aware of the limitations on the appropriate use of their powers, or are ignoring them.”

In another incident in March, a ticketing inspector pushed two young commuters from a moving train.

CCTV footage is supposed to HELP us bully snitty little kids, not protect them when we go ludicrously overboard!

Beginning to regret putting cameras on the trains at all.

8 responses to “War on fare evaders/cheeky commuters compromised

  1. Splatterbottom

    They are just as bad in NSW. To much power and not enough common sense.

  2. It’s like the problem with the security people at airports who can arrest you if you make a joke about the ludicrously over the top security measures: giving undertrained people some police-type powers IS NOT A GOOD IDEA.

  3. Splatterbottom

    Looks like the violent types become ticket inspectors whereas perverts have found their calling with the TSA.

  4. Just remember, you aren’t required to co-operate with them unless they:
    1. Tell you their name
    2. Show you their authority – including photo ID
    3. Tell you in plain English what they think you did.

  5. Inspectors are like Bouncers talentless thugs

  6. The one moment of violence I’ve seen in the blood strewn streets of lawless inner city Melbourne has been by hulking ticket inspectors against a tiny female asian student.

  7. Grrr… Tag fail.

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