“Keep a shot in your locker”

Some helpful advice for those speaking truth to power, from former investigative journalist and Media Watch host Paul Barry:

And one of the things that I have learned over the years is very useful, is that you keep a shot in your locker, so there’s something not in the program, or not in the book that you have in reserve that they know you’ve got, and if they go to court, they know that’ll come out. And that’s very good insurance because that then changes the balance of incentive for them. They know if they go to court, a whole bunch of stuff that hasn’t yet been said about them, will be said about them, with a very public audience.

In a country where the rich and powerful appear to be able to use the courts to make life very difficult for anyone who would dare publish something critical, it’s something to keep in mind.

6 responses to ““Keep a shot in your locker”

  1. Splatterbottom

    This has been Assange’s tactic with his Doomsday File.

    It may protect him from the Yanks, but if the Russians or Chinese want to know what is in it, what is the simplest way for them to get it unlocked?

  2. What special tools do the Russians and the Chinese have that the US doesn’t?

  3. Splatterbottom

    Poison umbrellas. That’s got to be the simplest way to get the info released.

  4. I see. I thought the question you posed in your first comment was meant seriously, as opposed to as a lead-in for that hilarious gag.

  5. jordanrastrick

    It is a long established truism that the simplest (and indeed, often the only) way to overcome a crypto-nerd’s defences is, ahem, “social engineering”.

  6. Splatterbottom

    It is not a gag, buns. Assange’s associates will release the key to the files if he is harmed. Now if the Russians are curious about the contents all they have to do is knock off Assange and make it look like a CIA hit. The files will be released. Simpler even than ‘social engineering’.

    If I were Assange I would be a bit worried. He could end up a victim of his own scheming.

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