It’s funny because they lock gays up

The head of FIFA is amused by the plight of gay people in Qatar, where his organisation will be holding the 2022 World Cup:

FIFA boss Sepp Blatter has joked that gay people ‘should refrain from sexual activities’ at the 2022 Qatar World Cup…

He was asked what he would say to gay football fans who want to go to Qatar for the 2022 competition, given that homosexuality is banned in the Middle East country.

Grinning, he said: ‘I would say they should refrain from any sexual activities.’

Ha ha, they lock them up for their sexuality. It’s funny because it’s a monstrous violation of their human rights. LOL.

Are the footballing nations of the world happy with this, or preparing action to redress this problem as we speak? Please tell me it’s the latter.

And it’ll be interesting to see how Qatar applies and FIFA responds the country’s alcohol laws

ELSEWHERE: A staggeringly moronic slippery slope argument from Bolt, suggesting if we have gay marriage, why not incest?

The same argument could be made against heterosexual marriage, of course. Or anything Bolt champions – eg, if we’re going to reintroduce the Pacific Solution to deter asylum seekers, why not actively sink their boats? That’d deter them more, surely.

It’s just a profoundly illogical argument. I’m arguing for marriage equality, an argument whose opponents have not been able to come up with a rational case against it. So I don’t have any strong arguments for or against incest – if it harms people, then I’m against it; if not, maybe not. If Bolt has some such points to make, then he should present them. (He won’t, of course, because then it’d be immediately obvious why they don’t apply to gay marriage and why it’s a completely different argument.)

UPDATE (18/12): Blatter’s apologised, although he doesn’t appear to have any strategies in mind for making things safer at the World Cup for the gay football fans whose plight he found so amusing.

UPDATE (19/12): I should’ve included this blunt piece by anti-Green unionist Paul Howes:

I HATE to be in agreement with some of the conservative commentators who write for this paper, but on the issue of gay marriage, I am in agreement with them.

I am personally opposed to gay marriage and therefore I have decided that I am going to stay in my heterosexual marriage.

And that’s my advice to all those people who are up in arms about the issue. If you don’t like gay marriage: don’t marry a gay person.


12 responses to “It’s funny because they lock gays up

  1. I agree Blatter’s comments are monstruous, but who are we in the West to impose our own values on a native culture? Seems awfully like you’re calling for cultural imperialism and the imposition of Western liberalism …

  2. Um, no. I don’t have to be tolerant of their intolerance.

    Who are they to lock gay people up?

  3. Shabs is playing to that idiotic wingnut strawman which holds that lefties are all moral relativists.

    The fact that this post (amongst a mountain of other evidence) disproves his moronic presumption is apparently lost on him.

  4. Au contraire, mon frere. Seems to me that after imposing a Zionist state within the dar al-Islam, meddling in internal affairs, and invading Iraq and Afghanistan, sending planeloads of decadent, promiscuous, pisshead Westerners to a Gulf State might just provoke further acts of terrorism, et al.

    Remember Bali, when Alison Broinowski complained that the air in Kuta was “jagged with Strine”?

    I thought that it was wrong for Westerners to impsoe their values and behaviours on other cultures. 2

  5. Sorry, Shabs, what was Blatter’s “native culture” again?

  6. Splatterbottom

    The culture of corruption.

  7. Zing!!!
    Unless of course SB was being serious

  8. “I thought that it was wrong for Westerners to impsoe their values and behaviours on other cultures.”

    Non-discrimination is not a “Western value”. It’s a universal right.

  9. This is the same Bolt who couldn’t hide his glee to see asylum seekers die off Christmas Island because it showed how his previous calls for the return of the Pacific Solution were supposedly correct.

    Fucking disgusting.

  10. My job here is to give feed lines to SB.

  11. Non-discrimination is not a “Western value”. It’s a universal right.

    LOL. Shabs = pwned.

    By the way Shabs – thanks for confirming my accusation against you above.

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