NOW we’ll do something about it

It was all going pretty well for Vitaly Borker, until some pesky reporter from The New York Times published an article about his scam. A well-written, accessible report that metaphorically flew around the world, from inbox to inbox, blog to blog.

Now, the authorities and corporate giants who didn’t give a damn about his victims when they were just ordinary consumers asking for help are suddenly competing to punish him.

The man deserves to face serious consequences for his actions, if proven – but does anyone get the feeling that the venom with which he’s now being pursued is less as a result of his original conduct towards customers, and more a consequence of his having committed a much more serious offence: embarrassing the powers that be?

One response to “NOW we’ll do something about it

  1. Regulation in America is a joke, if your unemployment without any assistance and steal a $200 tv the cops will arrest you no problem but if your stealing millions then its “legal” according to the f—ing idiots in Washington.

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