National pride wounded

There is nothing whatsoever “Kiwi” about this. Apart from the fruit on the top, obviously. And the fact they apparently made it first.

Australia’s mighty heart is breaking, for the second time today:

Many Australians and New Zealanders both claim to have cooked the first pavlova. But in its relaunched online edition, the Oxford Dictionary says the first recorded recipe appeared in New Zealand in 1927.

So, the New Zealanders must have paid off those crooks at Oxford.

There’s only one thing for it: they must become part of Australia.

Not that they deserve the compliment, of course.

WHICH OF COURSE FOLLOWS: Having been built up by the commercial media into a state of unrealistic optimism about having the FIFA World Cup held here, the same media are now enthusiastically playing off our excessive disappointment. And then this pavlova thing. And apparently we’re not doing well in the Ashes.

What is happening to our beloved country?

I blame the Greens.

ELSEWHERE: And in a further blow to our national self-esteem, two Australians have produced the fourth episode of the Pure Poison Podcast. Will this terrible day never end?

One response to “National pride wounded

  1. You remind me of the comment that cricket is an Indian game that happened to be invented in England.

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