Penny Wong is at least advocating for principle

A quick note of congratulation and support for federal ALP Minister Penny Wong. I have been fairly critical of her previous unprincipled failure to publicly stand – and vote in parliament – for equality. I understand how strict Labor is with its MPs, and how little real freedom they have with their votes – but their ultimate responsibility is still to the electorate, not the Labor caucus.

Which is why I am so pleased today to see that she’s bravely stood up and said, hang the consequences, I am going to publicly support full equality.

Except if the Labor Party decides against it and there’s a vote in parliament: Wong’s still not said she’d vote in Parliament according to her principles if the party ordered her not to.

Still, from an ALP Minister, that’s a significant step forward. Let’s hope the Greens can bring her the rest of the way.

Serious cracks are appearing in the dam wall of discrimination. I look forward to the collapse.

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