Go ahead and complain, please

Talking of buyers’ remorse – check out this New York Times story about the online shonky business that thrives the more customers complain.

It’s the kind of well-researched, well-written, eloquent journalism we don’t see enough of in this country.

(Via @Colvinius.)

UPDATE: Google responds.

UPDATE #2 (8/12): A week later, and things have gone rather badly for Mr Borker.

4 responses to “Go ahead and complain, please

  1. It’s also a warning to read beyond the first link in Google.

    I know they don’t want to admit it, but I don’t see why they should be accountable for the “quality” or how nice the link is…

  2. Which is all well and good but it doesn’t make the NYT a bastion of journalistic ethics.

  3. Splatterbottom

    The journalists at the NYT produce good writing. It is the overt political agenda that sucks. Their coverage of the Duke Lacrosse case was typical. The NYT journalists couldn’t accept that the black female accuser was the villain of the piece and the rich white males she accused were innocent. The articles were politically correct but they failed utterly to get at the truth of the situation. Luckily some energetic blogging proved to be more adequate than the mainstream press in highlighting the injustice of the case.

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