Buyers’ remorse

Quick question: who voted for Labor last time but the Coalition this time? I’d be fascinated to hear your rationale.

PS: It’s okay, you can use a pseudonym – I understand if you’re feeling a bit of buyer’s remorse this morning.

UPDATE (Sunday evening): Ah, no-one’s admitting it. I can’t say I blame you. (I mean, for being quiet about it. I certainly blame you for putting the rest of us at the mercy of the damn right-wingers again.)

8 responses to “Buyers’ remorse

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  2. Splatterbottom

    It will be interesting to see if Victorians come to regret electing the coalition. However, it seems that as the Greens get more power and influence people are looking a lot harder at them. Less people will support the Greens once they get a taste of the rotten red fruit inside the pretty green watermelon. A few populist green policies cannot mask the socialist stench within.

    While the Greens may have had a respectable role as a repository for protest votes the closer they get to power the more dangerous they look. Reincarnated communists are not going to impress people as an alternative government.

  3. Thread-shit much? Try turning the record over. We’ve heard this side already many times and it’s very boring now.

  4. Lefty – I’ll have a crack at an honest answer to your question (as someone who has considered switching votes from Green/Labor to Liberal several times).

    As you know I am ideologically Left-wing, but ideology is not the only motivator for me when it comes to voting. There are a number of other factors that can push my vote towards an ideologically opposite party (and I assume that others will be subject to similar motivations):

    1. Competence/Capability: I’ll vote for a Liberal government if I believe the Labor/Green alternative is incompetent or otherwise incapable of governing effectively (even if I believe that Labor/the Greens have better policies).

    2. Management ability: I’ll vote Liberal if I believe they will manage their programs more effectively and with greater success than Labor/the Greens (even if Labor/the Greens have better policy)

    3. Corruption: I’ll do anything to rid government of the stench of corruption and self-interest.

    I would warrant a guess that most of those who switched their vote in the Vic election would have been doing so due to a combination of points 1 and 2 above. It seems unlikely that those swingers would have changed their fundamental world-view.

    By contrast, most NSW voters in the upcoming election will be changing their votes due to a combination of 2 and 3.

  5. Thanks for that, interesting thoughts.

    Personally, I’d rather a government that did nothing than one that made things worse, so I’d tend to pick incompetence over destruction.

  6. mondo rock – forgive me, but I’m a little skeptical about your criteria:

    Are you saying that a Coalition government that efficiently and competently exercises it’s idealogical compulsion to axe public service jobs and cut health/education funding, as well as accept donations from tobacco companies, will get your vote?

  7. Hi Jimmy.

    Possibly, if I decide that I believe the successful implementation of those policies will lead to a better outcome for Australia than the bungled implementation of alternate policies.

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