Children of gay parents NEED TO BE SAVED

Some quick questions for David Van Gend, arguing that we must discriminate against gay people in law because if they have children (fatuously dismissing the fact that many do already) those children will be deprived of a parent of one gender or other, and this is their “most elemental right and deepest need” – do you think governments should outlaw divorce? Should children with abusive parents be left with the abusive parent so as not to deprive them of a parent of that gender? Should single mothers be forced to re-wed promptly?

And, most importantly – on what freaking basis do you allege that children “have a right” to a mother and a father, given the vast numbers who do not have both, and yet (as you acknowledge) turn out fine?

Still: kudos for actually running an argument in defence of your illogical position. Even one with such massive holes in it as this. It puts you one step ahead of pretty much everyone else advocating for your side.

UPDATE: One final question – do those who hold the view that “children have a right to a father and a mother” think that courts should be forbidden from sending parents to jail, because it’s depriving a child of something to which they have a “right”?

2 responses to “Children of gay parents NEED TO BE SAVED

  1. I wonder how Van Gend explains the thousands/millions of one parent-most cases no parent families after the conflict of WW2. The children although damaged and scarred mentally from their experiences, still survived.

    Spare us from wankademia.Although if you want the real definitive answer to this issue and anything else that may be a problem in your life. ;;;;;’s blog will have an answer I’m sure.

    {Edit: not publishing that person’s name here while he’s engaged in a creepy campaign – Jeremy.}

  2. And what a nasty little mind he has – even willing to misrepresent the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to serve his own ends.

    Article 16 says men and women of full age have the right to marry and found a family. It says nothing about them only having the right to marry the opposite gender, nor about their being required to stay together forever just in case their child turns into a serial killer if the marriage breaks down or one partner dies.

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