Imagine if that were your experience of the police

Be thankful Victoria Police have changed since 1928:

According to Bob Haldane’s seminal text on the Victoria Police, The People’s Force, ”[Chief Commissioner Tom] Blamey was quick to side with capital against labour and quick to crush public protest. He issued a direction that any unemployed people marching through Melbourne and causing a breach of the peace were to be ‘hit over the head’.

It’s just a shame it’s taken eighty years for some of the more outrageous and disturbing consequences – like unionists shot at close range from behind – to be held up to the light.

5 responses to “Imagine if that were your experience of the police

  1. “Be thankful Victoria Police have changed since 1928:”

    Have they? News to me.They will never change, it is the culture of police forces every where in the world, they’re all as bent as a nine bob note..They’re a necessary evil and that’s all I need to know, being one myself for a short time in another life, I know of what I speak..My daughter wants to join her mother and I are mortified at the prospect.Thus far we have talked her out of it.I have a son serving in the military that is enough worry on its own.How do you change the culture of the police??????????????It is the reality, we all live with it.

  2. sorry Lefty but it still seems to pale in comparison to WA’s current practices

  3. You guys seriously would not prefer to be dealt with by today’s police force to that of 1928?

  4. “You guys seriously would not prefer to be dealt with by today’s police force to that of 1928?”

    There is for mine, no difference.Apart from being no cell phones with cameras in 1928 to record incriminating evidence of ‘police playing up’ the culture remains the same.My professional dealings with them left me in no doubt some of them should be in either prison, an asylum, circus, or at least the Liberal party, from which most modern coppers hail.A bit of levity there, but none the less true.

    I was at Fremantle during Reith’s attempt to sink the wharfies union, if not for the worlds media being there God knows what would have happened.I might add discussing politics in the police force, is akin to shouting fire in a cinema.

    Most of them are good blokes, just doing a job no other bastard wants or needs for that matter.It is 90% boredom and 10% sheer bloody terror.

    Until they get an outside body made up of people that are not, have been, will be, think like, look like, coppers, to investigate their behavior at times, the public will not trust them.1928 to 2010 the culture remains the same.

  5. In 1928 you would get a head over the head and told not to do it again for minor indecresions. Now ever trival matter goes through the courts, good people who have made a silly mistake are pumped through the courts and sentenced, the conequences make them unemployed and unable to employ. This is stupidity as making folks unable to grow themselves and others lives goes against any progressive and free liberity agenda, and cost society more than it saves. The politicans have got it arse about when it becomes to represting the people they are meant to represent. And costing all of money with there poor thought out stewartship.
    The whole policing system needs reworking form the plod up.

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