When did News Ltd get a sense of humour?

Also, what’s the occasion? They’re seven months late for April Fools.

3 responses to “NNC? NNC?!

  1. Not to be the fun police or anything but isn’t it a little bit disconcerting that so many people point out errors in an article about a fictional universe when so few question the facts raised in political, legal, financial or environmental articles?

    That aside, the book mentioned in the first article immediately went to the top of my Christmas list. I already have the full blueprints for the ‘D’ version so now I’ll be able to drive it once I finish construction. I’d still prefer a TARDIS though – at least that will fit in my garage (and, based on previous owners history, appeal to attractive girls with parental issues).

  2. zaratoothbrush

    Just imagine if they adopted this sort of mea culpa stance on, say, their climate change “reporting.”

    I mean, with any other news org, this sort of thing would be kind of cute, but coming from them, it just makes a body feel a bit queazy…

    ghostsg, lots of people point out newscorp’s errors to them, and I do mean lots. They just don’t get published, that’s all.

  3. Err no, I think you’ll find Limited News only publish the comments questioning the facts about fictional universes. I’m sure there’s always plenty of comments questioning the “facts” and worldview in such publications as The Australian (Liberal Party Newsletter). You just never see them.

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