Wednesday evening musics

Just discovered this beautiful little tune, via the Triple J Unleashed iPhone app, and thought it was worth sharing with you:

The Paper Kites – Bloom

(You can download the mp3 from the Triple J website here.)

As one of the YouTube commenters notes – “I have no idea where this was filmed, but I think I need to spend the rest of my life there.”

Now I’m off to find some more of their work.

6 responses to “Wednesday evening musics

  1. weewillywinkee

    It absolutely beautiful.

  2. weewillywinkee

    One more thing they are a folk band … you should check out Port Fairy Folk Festival. I’ve been the past few years its absolutely amazing!

  3. Not only nice music/place, it has an unbelievable demonstration of the proposed telephone and internet system proposed by the Philistines of the Liberal party.

  4. That is a wonderful tune.

  5. Pretty. Mankind does not live by politics alone.

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