A perfect scheme

Step 1: Inflate property market, for the benefit of banks and wealthy people who own investment properties, by having your parliamentary representatives halve CGT and implement inflationary grants.

Step 2: Blame subsequent and consequent housing unaffordability on immigrants, encouraging the generation of thwarted would-have-been homebuyers to vent their anger and frustration by voting for the party that will most enthusiastically punish this handy scapegoat – the very party that enabled you to screw them over in the first place.

Step 3: Profit.

And the more you benefit from Step 1, the more your allies in the Liberal Party benefit from Step 2! You help them, they help you! Everybody who matters to you wins!

4 responses to “A perfect scheme

  1. Indeed, your article says it all really.In our local the West Australian last week the headlines were about the value of property in Perth going up by approx another 20% over the next two years.How our masters think young people can afford an average house priced at over 400.000 k is beyond logic.I bloody despair.

  2. usesomesanity

    How do the banks have heads they win tails we bail you out. With the ever increasing net interest margins made by banks by increasing rates over and above reserve banks rises. They are well capitalised and the extra profits for the increased interest margins are being used to lend to Asian customers. If they fail they get bailed out by the Australian taxpayers. There should be either a super profit tax to cover the insurance for bail out protection or a no banking bail out bill to go through parliment. Simple.

  3. Wisdom Like Silence

    This scheme is brilliant. I would love to get in on it.

    Curse you god for giving me my humanity and shame!
    Wait I’m an athiest.
    Curse me for my moral shackles!

    Just as a quick side not, most Adelaide Hills residents aren’t that retarded. And 200 extra kids on the SA education system wouldn’t even get noticed, unless they were all under 10 and living in Holden Hills.
    Hell even then.

  4. Splatterbottom

    You think this is a scheme for Liberal mates only? Probably why the ALP moved so quickly against it. The fact is that residential property is a Ponzi scheme that no political party can end. Any successful attempt to end it will result in too many people losing a lot of money.

    As it is it is a sure fire way to make money, as house prices inevitably increase. It is this which distorts investment. Solving the problem requires a bursting of the bubble with a decline in house prices. The government which does this will lose office shortly thereafter. And if they tell the electorate about their plans before an election, they will not even get into office. It seems people would rather the kids live at home until they are middle aged than lose value on their houses.

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