Liberal MP derides Hockey’s fatuous bank plan as “a typical lunatic fringe idea”

I guess this heroic headline and photograph leading the Liberals’ own totally cowed ABC News this morning seemed like a good idea at the time:

That’ll have to play well in the marginals, surely! And the business people who’d know better won’t point out the absurdity because they’re on our side. Same with the News Ltd media and our obedient ABC.

If only someone had warned the Liberal backbenchers:

Liberal MP Don Randall launched into a withering attack on Mr Hockey’s suggestion, labelling a “typical lunatic fringe idea” from the Greens – until it was pointed out that it came from the Coalition’s top money man. “It’s really going to have a negative effect on our economy … it’s really a worry”.

How perfect. The Libs’ line on everything the Greens’ say exposed as the empty, automatic rhetoric it is – it doesn’t matter what the Greens say, we’ll attack it as “fringe” – and Hockey’s populist stupidity, and what remains of his credibility, utterly sunk. Considering the low level required by the media over the last six months to trumpet some minor intrigue in the Labor camp as disastrous – surely this devastating implosion, as revealing as it is, should hang around the Liberals’ heads for at least a while.

In a just world, this would lead the evening news bulletins. Hey, ABC, you were happy to lead with it this morning when it seemed like a good story for Hockey – do you have the guts to sink in the boot now that the Liberals would rather it went away? Like a real news organisation would?

UPDATE: Zomg. Randall also called the national broadcaster “The Gay-BC”.

He’s a real asset to their team.

11 responses to “Liberal MP derides Hockey’s fatuous bank plan as “a typical lunatic fringe idea”

  1. That Randall comment is very funny, but it will probably, at best, rate a bit of a giggle on Insiders.

  2. jordanrastrick

    I can almost feel Malcolm Turnbull’s mental anguish as he did his best to avoid openly defending or refuting Hockey’s idiocy.

    Poor Joe. Nice guy. Not the sharpest tool in the shed. Not Shadow Treasurer material.

    Labor and the Greens should both get a hell of a lot of mileage out of this, especially if the Libs keep throwing their “reckless economic irresponsbility Watermelon alliance” jabs. Its a shame most of the voters who matter probably think Joe was right; but at least anyone who’s not hopelessly partisan should be able to cotton on to the fact that something’s not right when a Lib MP calls Hockey’s idea lunatic, fringe, and crazy.

  3. The common perception of Joe Hockey as a nice guy doesn’t sit well with me. Nice guys don’t deliberately and consciously distort the truth as routinely as Hokeidonian does.

  4. jordanrastrick

    They do if they’re politicians.

    I’ve only met Hockey once, briefly, but he seemed amiable enough despite being slightly grumpy due to circumstances at the time. I know people who know him better than I do who back the nice guy reputation – supposedly he’s the kind of person it’s very easy to have a pleasant beer and chat about non-political stuff with at the pub. Then again, some say the same about Abbott, and he certainly loses the veneer of civility in the political arena.

    Of course, Abbott is also intelligent – sure he puts his foot in his mouth all the time, but outside the soundbyte context he’s capable of real substance, at least when it suits his purposes. Whereas Hockey just isn’t, at least from anything I’ve ever ssen.

  5. “Nice guy.”

    Ha, he’s got you fooled, the avuncular, cuddly Joe Hockey is a typical politician, how can he be a nice guy? 😉

    Just last week Abbott decided to make a complete goose of himself (claiming the govt was stabbing soldiers in the back) just to deflect the attention from Joe Hockey’s lies about their budget costings, you know, the audit firm advising that contrary to what Hockey said prior to the election, the coalitions numbers were NOT scrutinised to Australian audit standards. You’d have thought the govt would have got some mileage out of that? If the media were as lefty biased as some claim then I guess they would have.

    No, Joe Hockey, cuddly, sloppy Joe, he’s a liability for the Libs.. t’s all good 😀

    “They do if they’re politicians. ”

    Exactly, politicians are NOT nice guys, they’re ambitious, driven backstabbers!

    “supposedly he’s the kind of person it’s very easy to have a pleasant beer and chat about non-political stuff with at the pub.”

    So’s George Bush, or I reckon I’d rather have a beer with him than say Tony Blair..

    “Then again, some say the same about Abbott, ”

    Absolutely, he’s funny, self depricating but he is not a nice guy, unless of course nice is just a skin deep trait.

  6. usesomesanity

    I agree with Joe and thoes who lable him crazy know little about economics. If the banks keep raising their rates over and above the reserve bank rises, to keep increasing shareholder profits and exec’s pay pay packets they should pay a super profits tax so these needless increases can improve public infastruture not line fat cats pockets. If the banks keep increasing rates to claw back tax then the super profits tax should rise pro-rata to cancel out banks black mail position.

  7. usesomesanity

    Joe Hockey has announced the Liberals will put up legislation for a banking super profits tax and if greens will support it so they will have the numbers to make it law. Let’s see is the libs are just jawboneing bullshit or they have the gumption to make it law. Over to you Joe.

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  10. jordanrastrick

    And just when you thought that maybe the Libs’ anti-Green rhetoric was starting to look hysterical to any fair minded observer, they come out and retroactively make Don Randall look a lot less of an idiot by proposing a far more lunatic fringe version of what Hockey hinted at, well after he’d been thoroughly ridiculed by every single person with a clue on the issue.

    A burning desire to get in on the cheap populism bandwagon, or massive economics fail? Either way it doesn’t instill a lot of confidence.

  11. Hardly. Clearly the present “let’s cover the banks’ risk and help them consolidate till they’re too big to fail” policy isn’t working particularly well.

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