Look, Kerry, even if I sign something you can’t rely on it

Righto. So, not only can you not trust anything Tony Abbott says verbally, you can’t trust documents he’s signed.

He’s withdrawing from an agreement – a signed agreement he made only a few weeks ago, after the election, regarding pairing the Speaker’s vote. Why? Because he wants to sabotage this parliament; he wants to force us all back to the polls. We didn’t elect him, and he wants to give us another chance to do so. And, presumably, keep on doing it until we BLOODY GET IT RIGHT.

But it’s important for voters to remember two things:

  1. Tony is even less honest than your average politician – he will say anything, he will sign anything, and he will refuse to be in any way bound by it. It’s not true to say “they all do that” – even the Liberals can’t find any good examples to minimise Abbott’s betrayal by comparison.
  2. If this backing out of an agreement forces us back to an election, it’s Tony Abbott who’s done it. Don’t forget who’s dragging you to a polling station to reconsider the vote you cast only last month.

Let’s hope Labor plays as hardball with the Libs as the Libs are playing with them.

PS: How disingenuous is Tony’s “oh Labor promised not to give us a carbon price so my lying is okay” defence? Labor promised a policy it would implement if it won government in its own right. It didn’t win government in its own right. So, after the election, it has to negotiate – and the majority of its voters plus Greens’ voters clearly want a carbon price. It’s not like Labor promised WE WILL NEVER IMPLEMENT A CARBON PRICE (this wasn’t a Liberal Party style “never ever”) – they just had a different process proposed, pre-minority government, for getting to it.

The difference with Tony’s backdown is that nothing has changed since he signed it. The MPs in the House are the same. The Constitution is the same. It’s just that he didn’t get what he wanted, so he’s picking up his bat and ball and going home to sulk.

UPDATE: Talking of Kerry – ohnoes! He’s leaving!

8 responses to “Look, Kerry, even if I sign something you can’t rely on it

  1. I’d actually be prepared to grant the Coalition’s constitutional concerns as vaguely legitimate, if they hadn’t signed the agreement first without batting an eyelid.

    It’s pretty shameless stuff.

  2. Jeremy he’s just proved what a lying, stop-at-nothing-to-get-power scumbag he really is.
    But just you watch the MSM bend over backwards to cover for him.

  3. after a careful review of the wording, Professor Abbott has concluded the arrangement is unconstitutional.

    after listening to the solicitor general (and then discarding his advice), he must regretfully withdraw from this non-binding, binding agreement.

    this is no way a political decision!

  4. Mr Abbott is just doing what is best for the whole country .Unfortunatly some of us are dick-heads and didn’t vote the right way. The PM in waiting wants to give us another chance to vote correctly, and possibly another chance after that if we fuck up again, its for our own good. Bye the way Mr Murdoch approves of the prick playing tough. Very cosy, for both of them. Mr Pell will give absolution , covered.

  5. Apparently this was a deal to get the independents to support the coallition. They didn’t. Therefore why the hell should he keep the deal?

    This was my offer if you supported me – you didn’t, so fuck off.

    Government in it’s own right? Please…whose pudd are you pulling? Don’t forget that politics is ultimately about power – and the Greens recognise this as well. Lets be realistic here.

  6. That’s certainly not what Abbott told everyone at the time. It was not conditional on their being given government that they could never sustain anyway as soon as the new Senate sits.

  7. Yeah, baldrickjones. Where did he say the deal was conditional on the tories forming government?

    Abbott just wants another election badly despite the fact we’d probably get the same result. Says a lot about his character, or complete lack of it.

  8. Splatterbottom

    The real tragedy of this was that the opportunity it presented to reform parliamentary procedure with an independence for the speaker appears to be gone. It is, however, wrong to trivialise Abbott’s concerns as the changes would have breached the substance, if not the letter, of the constitution. surely there is a way to achieve this long overdue goal.

    As to the no carbon tax lie, all it shows is the tremendous ‘flexibility’ of allowing minority parties into government – promises are now irrelevant.

    As to Red Kerry, perhaps he can be replaced by one of the few neutral presenters the ABC has such as Barry Cassidy. It is sickening that the day in and day out the ABC functions as a government funded publicity machine for the left side of politics. That is theft, and senior management should be charged with corruption offences. The thieving biased journalists should be driven from the public trough. They are an insult to common decency. They represent everything rotten about leftism, especially the hideous sense of entitlement, insinuating public institutions and robbing them for personal and political gain. They should at least refund their wages, gained on the false pretence of honest reporting, and commit ritual suicide. The world would be a better place.

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