Classical music set free

I like this: a website dedicated to releasing the great classical works of the past into the public domain. They’ve already got a decent selection of sheet music and orchestral scores, but they’ve now raised money to fund high-quality orchestral recordings of much of the repertoire.

Pity our publicly-funded orchestras haven’t done this, actually.

It’s always been a source of annoyance to me that the music publishing industry has managed to maintain effective control of this particular field of human achievement that predated its very existence – from ownership of each transcription of that music, to ownership of the professional recordings of it. Well, that undeserved dominance is about to be seriously and permanently damaged – and entirely legally – by this project.

I’m surprised it’s taken this long to happen, to be honest.

Who reckons the music industry’s next move will be pushing for 200-year copyright terms?

5 responses to “Classical music set free

  1. “Who reckons the music industry’s next move will be pushing for 200-year copyright terms?”
    Having gone through the process I can tell you that music industry lawyers even expect a slice of your song writing royalties at part payment… The whole business went to shit in the 1970’s when corporations worked out just how much money could be made for very little effort.
    Screw them all I say and let’s get back to basics. An end to the gatekeeper mentality that’s been a cancer on the industry for too long.
    If I see one more talentless bimbo who’s only asset is the same as required to be a stripper, I will scream…….

  2. I can’t wait for the record companies to die off when bands realises they don’t need them anymore.

  3. Splatterbottom

    This is a good concept for classical music. It will be able to reach a broader audience, and may not be that bad for the great orchestras who will profit from the extra interest in classical music this project generates.

    The quality will no doubt be variable, like the Naxos series of cheapie classical CDs. Hopefully there will be a few stellar performances in the collection.

  4. Trust elite’s like you to slag off my Naxos collection SB.

    When i was a student it was all I could afford.

  5. Splatterbottom

    I’ve certainly got my share of Naxos, narwagadj, and some of them are brilliant, which was the point of my analogy.

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