One of the worst decisions of the year

This is more insane than it initially appears:

The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit today ruled (PDF) on a long-standing case involving used software on eBay, and it came to an important decision: if a company says you don’t have the right to resell a program, you don’t have that right. Could this mean the end of the resale market for all digital content? Yup. But the court says it had no choice.

This is a decision made with nineteenth century reasoning which will destroy consumers’ rights in the twenty-first industry, allowing companies to seize control of content for which you’ve paid. It is the equivalent of the book publishers stopping you selling physical books that you own on the grounds that you only have a “licence” to the copy of the product, – a right which for good reason was taken away from them more than a century ago. Obviously the new corporate content barons reckon they’re now powerful enough to get what they always demanded.

Do I really need to go into detail as to why this is such a terrible precedent we’d better hope is overturned by a higher court, or corrected by congress?

One response to “One of the worst decisions of the year

  1. Wisdom Like Silence

    That has to be the most frightening thing I’ve read since the Sewerpreeem court decided that companies are people too. This is like recognising the little c you’d write in your excercise book at school with the full force of law.

    Holy fuck.

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