Choose your own response

Pick yours, before the independents announce their decision:


The decision of the independents today has confirmed that Australia has a thriving, working democracy. They have made the decision to support a Government better able to deliver stability, with better economic credentials, that will stand up for the bush as well as the suburbs. This is a wonderful opportunity for our country, with a real, working parliament in which issues are debated meaningfully and the best talents of people from various sides of politics are put towards resolving our national challenges.

This is an exciting, positive result, and something of which all Australians can justly be proud.


So, after almost three weeks of indecision and chaos, Australian democracy has finally fallen to the whims of a few independents, representing a tiny number of voters and holding the rest of us to ransom. This new minority government will not stand. It will not be stable. The independents have a deep hostility towards the government’s junior partner, and it will all end in tears. No good law will be passed. Investment will leave this country. The Australian people did not vote for this government. It has no legitimacy.

Bring on another election!

UPDATE (4.10pm): My favourite smartarse tweets on #ausvotes, #auswaits and – ultimately, when Gillard was anointed PM, #itsagirl – as the afternoon progressed:

  • @jgwr Condolences to News Limited on losing the 2010 federal election. #ausvotes #auswaits
  • @geeksrulz Breaking: Reports coming in this morning of a massive Alien Mothership hovering over Parliament House. It’s Independents’ Day. #ausvotes
  • @DrJavaBeans Australia, your new governing party is Everyone In The House Except The Coalition. #ausvotes #auswaits
  • @benbirchall: I can’t wait for Stephanie Rice’s message for Abbott. #auswaits
  • @ABillionSuns I do like that the balance of power is now held by politicians who aren’t scared of Rupert Murdoch.

And some of mine:

  • @jeremysear So, Bob and Bob and Tony decided against Bob and Tony and Tony and Robb. Three cheers for diverse Australia! #ausvotes #auswaits #itsagirl
  • @jeremysear Gosh, I hope this awkward period of democracy that’s so inconvenienced business leaders is over soon. #auswaits

Now for a triumphantly humble press conference from the new/old PM.

6 responses to “Choose your own response

  1. I choose B.

  2. jordanrastrick

    False dilemma. I choose C.

  3. Wisdom Like Silence

    Your cynisism is refreshing.

    By their powers combined, she is Primeminister Ranga.

  4. Splatterbottom

    At least we will get an independent speaker and some other procedural reforms out of this farce.

  5. It appears that two of the three amigos went for your option A.

  6. Ben Ausculture

    96% from Basket A; 4% from Basket B.

    Gillard’s election is almost as remarkable as Obama’s. This is (A) cause for great optimism about society’s increasing progressiveness, or (B) a sad indictment of both countries.

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