Abbott promising to put city voters last

I know we city voters have already had our say, and it could be up to three years (but not necessarily so long) before we get asked again, but isn’t it fairly courageous for Tony Abbott to publicly pledge to put city voters last just to win over some rural independents? In writing, in papers read by voters in the cities?

Don’t worry, country voters, I’m on your side. I *hate* the cities and all their stinking, repulsive hippy voters. In government I will crush them and make them support you all… Oh, hi city voters! Ignore all that stuff I just said. Really, I’ll stand up for you.

It’s like the Liberals in WA bashing the eastern states as if that won’t have any repercussions when voters in the eastern states figure out what they’ve been saying about us behind our back.

Just how gullible do they think we are?

ELSEWHERE: What’s with this from Rob Oakeshott?

Another innovation would be an acknowledgment of country each day before the prayer.

“An acknowledgment of country”? Um, what?

11 responses to “Abbott promising to put city voters last

  1. Just remember what Abbott will no doubt tell city folk if he wins this week and the country independents if he wins in a few years time : tough titties.

  2. Acknowledgement of country is an Aboriginal ceremony. I find Oakeshott floating this interesting, given that Abbott has been very public about the fact that he thinks it is ‘tokenism.’

  3. My dislike of Oakeshott is increasing daily. He kind of reminds me of a Southern Baptist preacher – he’s got the same demonic look in his eyes. And I know what’s best for you attitude.

  4. My understanding of acknowledgement of country would be something like I have seen at many events I have been to in recent years where we acknowledge aboriginal elders past and present and the land we were meeting on and which tribe had roots there.

    For example,

    I could be completely wrong on this…

  5. Really Jeremy, it took me two seconds to google that up!

  6. I don’t see the need for prayers or acknowledgment of country each day.

    Perhaps acknowledgment of country once, at the beginning of each parliamentary session, but every day? Makes a farce of a hollow gesture which already pisses a lot of people off when it happens.

    And the UniSyd Koori Centre charges $300 to come and do it? I wonder do people who have to sit (or stand) through these ‘acknowledgment of country’ at community events realise there just might be a payment involved in it?

  7. It is indeed “Abbott” – typo in the heading fixed. It was correct in the post.

    I think we should abolish all these pre-parliamentary bits of pandering, starting with the unrepresentative and frankly disturbing Christian prayer.

  8. I agree, the pre-parliamentary prayer is disturbing. I thought it was impressive that Gillard’s atheism was not a much of an issue during the election in comparison to the fire and brimstone that would be unleashed on an American presidential candidate.

  9. Splatterbottom

    It would be better if parliament acknowledged the people of Australia whom they are elected to serve in good conscience, and renounce petty point scoring. Or maybe Gillard will just continue to recite her first words in parliament after becoming PM: “Game On”.

  10. Swan has made noises about “re-erecting” tarrif walls. The two majors are both fucked up

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