Who you put last matters, too

By the way, if anyone’s wondering why the order of their last preferences matter, I refer them to the race for the final Senate seat in Victoria, between the Liberals and two far right religous parties, the DLP and Fundies First.

Do you really have no preference between those three?

5 responses to “Who you put last matters, too

  1. Unfortunately, Julian McGauren is pretty far right, too. The DLP (not that I approve of them at all) would, at the very least, not support WorkChoices.

  2. They’re all pretty disgusting.

    But I take your point Jeremy.

  3. Pretty tricky to decide who deserves to be put last in a below the line Senate vote given that there are so many worthy candidates. McGauren got 58 on mine, while Conroy, although he has done much to piss me off over the last few years, only got 59. Fielding just wanted that 60 too much to be denied.

    Not sure where I put the DLP now, but I’m fairly sure it was somewhere towards the back.

  4. See, for me there’s no way I could put Conroy, filter notwithstanding, below McGauran or the religious nutters. The filter is – was, since with the Greens having balance of power, it’s now dead – appalling policy, don’t get me wrong, but that’s the only right-wing thing he’s been involved with. The others will always stand up for far-right stuff.

  5. Feilding is officially gone!!!!

    Enjoy your last few months…….actually no don’t. Spend it thinking about how Australians utterly repudiated your brand of crazy.

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