There will be some “news” on your “24 hour news network” at some point, right?

Isn’t the whole point of a 24 hour news network that you get constant updates on what’s happening? Say an earthquake in NZ.

Been waiting some forty-five minutes now. Had a pointless (and seriously vacuous) interview with Edward de Bono, then some graphics, then some ads, then a pre-recorded NSW Stateline telling us about various NSW issues. Nothing as to actual current news.

For comparison, the present headlines on the ABC News website:

  • NZ declares state of emergency after quake
  • Homes flood near Ballarat
  • Coalition pledges to prioritise detention security
  • Sydney-born cleric calls for MP’s beheading
  • Scores dead after blast hits Pakistan rally
  • Pedestrian struck by ambulance dies
  • Wild weather continues to batter SA

But none of it has come up on ABC News 24 while I’ve been watching.

Wasn’t the whole point of a 24 hour news channel so we’d have constant access to breaking stories?

I’m finding twitter a hell of a lot better a source as to what’s going on than this very, very expensive network.

3 responses to “There will be some “news” on your “24 hour news network” at some point, right?

  1. Completely agree with you Jeremy. 24 has been a big disappointment.

    I very rarely watch tv and if any of the ones in the house broke down I had decided a while ago not to replace.

    I was excited about 24 and bought a HD set box but now find my tv watching is dropping right off again. 24 just has so much repeated stuff, pointless interviews nobodies and very little news. They seem to stuff up live coverages (if they get around to cover them in the first place). And I’m totally sick of the promos for shows on ABC1.

    I notice ABC radio seems to use a lot Murdoch-sourced stores and commentators. Perhaps this is part of the problem with 24: the ABCnews staff is now seriously depleted.

    One last thing: I’ve noticed I have to considerably increase the volume for 24 and reduce it when I go to a commercial station. Anyone else noticed this?

  2. It was a complete failure on Saturday morning. They tried to cut away to an analyst and his microphone failed; tried to show some footage of central Christchurch and that failed; tried a couple of other things and in the end they just gave up and covered a couple of other stories before cutting back.

  3. they are running a 24 hour news service, with no extra funding. so breaking stories will be ruth cracknell spilling tea in “mother and son” …followed by in depth report on planting flowering bulbs

    be thankful its not abc3. a entire digital channel, closed half the day

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