Budget Smugglers

Quick question for the national media: why was it not until after the election that you applied real pressure to the Liberals to have their platform costed by treasury? I know you were busy beating up without checking inaccurate stories – and outright lies – in order to harm Labor – but surely some of the effort you put into the “leak” diversion could’ve been allocated to the “dodgily avoiding costing” story. You know, the one which directly impacts on either the Liberals’ ability to deliver their promises, or the country’s bottom line over the next three years.

If I’d been tricked into voted for the Liberals, I’d be feeling pretty betrayed about now.

(Hat tip @mjcp, @MichaelTurtle, and @LeslieCannold for “budget smugglers”.)

4 responses to “Budget Smugglers

  1. Wait, when did the national media demand the Tories send their budget to Treasury? I thought it was only the Hayseedpendants who insisted on that?

  2. I agree. My perception was that the Coalition had their platform costed by Treasury as a result of pressure by the independents, not as a result of pressure by the media.

  3. Soooooo….where are the Green’s policy costings?

  4. The Greens have one lower house MP. They’re not proposing to form a majority government.

    On the plus side, as a result of their deal with the ALP, they will have access to treasury for costings from now on, as will the Liberals and every other party.

    Mondo and shermozle – you are of course right. The media never applied that pressure in a serious way. It took the independents, so thank God for them.

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