Wilkie supports “least unethical” party, not the one that offered his electorate the biggest bribe

Wait, what? This doesn’t fit the right-wing talking points about independents holding the rest of us to ransom for their local electorates at all:

Mr Wilkie also revealed Opposition Leader Tony Abbott offered him almost three times as much for the Hobart hospital, but he turned it down.

“The ALP best meets my criteria that the government must be stable, competent and ethical,” he said.

As well as the $340 million for Hobart hospital, Ms Gillard has promised to open up a funding round of $1.8 billion for other hospitals.

Mr Wilkie says regional and rural hospitals should be considered as priorities in the applications for funding.

So he turned down extra funding for his local electorate on the basis of a principled stand for hospitals throughout the country? He agreed to support a party for government that wasn’t actually offering his electorate the most money, but instead made his choice on the basis of which is the least unethical option?

Bribes for Denison were one thing, but Tony drew the line at “ethical government”.

Poor Tony. The revelation that his party was dodging treasury costings to avoid voters finding out about the huge black hole in his platform before it was too late, and now the news that he needs all three of the remaining independents – including the one who leaked his black hole – or he can’t form government.

He’s watching it all slip through his fingers…

UPDATE: Wilkie says it was the “reckless ” $1 billion offer that convinced him the Liberals were not ready to govern.

And it turns out the Libs’ win with that 20-year old over Jon Sullivan was based on a total lie, with the dad who devastatingly “couldn’t get help for his disabled son” admitting that he was telling porkies. Lucky for the Coalition the media didn’t investigate his claims before making a big deal out of them two days before the election, eh?

5 responses to “Wilkie supports “least unethical” party, not the one that offered his electorate the biggest bribe

  1. I dunno, I just don’t trust those 3 independents. I’ve had this feeling from the beginning that they were just trying to look like they were assessing both sides, but were always going to join the Liberals. I mean, even after this budget debacle, Tony Windsor says he would like the Liberals to explain the ‘discrepancy’, like its some genuine mistake from accidentally dividing a number wrong. Jesus Christ, IT WAS GODDAMN INTENTIONAL. Did Windsor sleep through the election when Abbott purposely kept refusing to give his costings to Treasury? THIS WAS THE REASON, STUPID HEAD! How any independent can think that a Party that nearly got into government with such horribly deceiving costings deserves any goddamn m’f’ing consideration for support is a HACK.

    And even after all of this, Oakeshott (the so called progressive one, gag, vomit), wants to keep deciding into next week! For what?!?! So more Nats can call you up and abuse you? For more lies from Abbott to come out? They are clearly waiting for the costings debacle to quiet down before they all join Abbott. Sorry if im horribly wrong on this, but they now have more than enough reasons to have joined Labor already if they were genuine about stability and independence (Greens in the senate, Libs in house that may be ineligible to be MP’s, Tony Crook’s insistence that he will not be part of a coalition).

  2. weewillywinkee

    I must admit that I am loving it. I won’t enjoy it too much though just in case tomorrow the three amigos decide to back ding dong.

  3. Don’t depress me, pdarkness. Now I’m all sad again.

  4. maybe Abbott has trouble dealing with men of principle. throwing money around like a drunken sailor isnt working here

  5. I think that the current parliament will lead to an outcome that I like. The Labor party will be beholden to the Greens, particularly after senators change, and they will learn to sell their policies to country conservatives (bogans) better.

    Also Ted Mack points out that the independents are personally better off with Labor because there is no conflict with Labor over their seats. Labor could operate in such a way to increase the independents chances in the next election, whereas the LNP will always be gunning to win those seats that they see as “theirs”.

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