Somebody has to change their vote: shouldn’t it be you?

There are those who are justly outraged by the Australian people not installing their preferred candidate for Prime Minister, and now call for a further election to enable us to correct our mistake.

You’ve let him down, but he’ll give you a chance to make things right.

It’s very kind of them to give us the opportunity, and obviously I yearn to amend my error and vote in a way acceptable to them – but I don’t know that everyone else will be as obedient. It’s quite possible that many people, indeed most, might well be happy with their choice and vote exactly the same way as before. And so, after much further expense and argument, we’ll end up back exactly where we are now. With, once again, the rightful leader denied his birthright.

The Lady of the Lake, her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite, held aloft Excalibur from the bosom of the water, signifying by Divine Providence that I, Tony, am to be your King.

Obviously we can’t expect the people calling for a new ballot to change their votes, since they clearly already supported the deserving candidate the first time round – so would you consider doing them and the country a massive favour and altering yours?

We can keep doing this until you do, you know.

10 responses to “Somebody has to change their vote: shouldn’t it be you?

  1. It’s quite possible that many people, indeed most, might well be happy with their choice and vote exactly the same way as before.

    Except many might forget exactly which order their preferences were in, if they even paid attention in the first place. It’s those voters, the inattentive/apathetic, mainly, that would see the close seats change hands in a second election.

    It would also be interesting to see what happens with the informal vote, whether it goes up or down.

  2. weewillywinkee

    Oh I see but I don’t wish to change my vote.

  3. weewillywinkee

    I’m really enjoying this and am delighted with the outcome.

  4. My vote will still be for the Greens.

  5. maybe we should get rid of parliament altogether. the countries running fine without anyone pretending to be in charge

  6. @karl – Not sure why you’re picking on the parliament. What about the executive and legislative bits? Or do you argue that they aren’t “in charge”?

  7. sarcasm…although surely most politicians are figureheads

    i doubt after a big session of pig farming, Bob katter sits downs and pores over intricate taxation, treasury and legal issues. most of the pollies themselves admit they dont read the legislation they pass

  8. I agree with Tony Abbott.
    I think there should be another election.

    And to be fair we should give Tony a bit of time to prepare, say… three years?


  9. templemonkey


    I’m sure that everyone who voted would probably stick to their main choices. There would probably be a difference in the voters who chose Family First and other low voting share parties bumping their second preference to first. This would make no difference as their descending preferences were what counted in the first place.

    The only real change a new election could could make would be if

    – A number of the people who voted informally could be convinced to vote properly

    – The 1.2 million+ people who weren’t able to register in time for the last election be given the opportunity to register for a new poll.

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