Giving thanks for the AEC

Bernard Keane in today’s Crikey:

the AEC has yet again demonstrated why it is the best electoral outfit in the world, running a very close election with expedition, efficiency and integrity. There are always hiccups, but when you see how it’s done in comparable countries, you can only be amazed at how well the AEC does it.

It is one of our finest public institutions.

I’ll second that. I don’t think we appreciate them enough.

3 responses to “Giving thanks for the AEC

  1. Splatterbottom

    Wasn’t Bernard Keane the tool who said Abbott would turn the Libs into a reactionary rump? This election has been a good kick up the rump for the out of touch bleating meat-heads of the media.

  2. jordanrastrick

    Australia does have a remarkably good electoral process. The AEC do a stellar job, although I’ll admit to being a little frustrated when they couldn’t even tell me for a whole week if they’d received my change of address form or not…

  3. Couldn’t agree more.

    Their website was also very well done. Easy to navigate, reliable, and up to date.

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