Bittersweet memories

Remember this image from 2007?

don't fuck it up Kevin

It’s like we could sense what was coming, and were trying desperately to avoid it.

And, hey, well done on that Julia Gillard gambit, ALP. Worked a treat.

8 responses to “Bittersweet memories

  1. It’s not all doom and gloom by any stretch of the imagination.

    Even if we have the loathsome prospect of PM Abbott, he’ll soon have to deal with a Senate with a Green BoP. That’s a signifcant and welcome change. It’s possibly a change that reflects the future of Australian politics.

  2. Was never on the Rudd or Obama bandwagons. Can’t say I’m that that I was right.

  3. My brain hurts. Which I feel will probably continue for the next three years.

    I don’t see any particularly stable government forming from this morass for either side. Having a yahoo like Katter being the gatekeeper for controversial policy decisions would make the boldest government timid. The Greens should also resist the siren call of formal coalition with either side. No good would come of it. Back to the polls in the new year, I feel.

  4. Typo above meant to be “can’t say I’m happy that I was right”

  5. weewillywinkee

    This is untreaded water for us in Australia and I don’t blame Australians for feeling somewhat confused and a little anxious at what the future holds for us. Clearly we are a Nation divided and the division is so close that we can barely set a right foot forward (pardon the pun).

    The reality is that neither major party holds outright majority in their own right. In order to form a minority Government they will have to secure the support of all the 5 non major party alighned MP’s. Personally if I were the ALP or the Liberal/National party I would not take the minority Government chalice; frankly it is poisened and set for doom.

    The five MP’s who are not major party alighned have quite a span in their ideological undertakings and indeed in their focus. I cannot see either major party being able to please them all. For example Katter is a climate change denialist and won’t have a bar of it for his electorate; on the other hand Bandt is completely the opposite. How do you reconcile this and make both happy. The simple truth is you cannot.

    It is going to be messy and I can see the arguments going back and forward. Should the ALP continue to hold the majority of the 1st preference votes nationally and not equal the Coalition in number of seats held they will argue that they deserve the minority Government. On the other hand should the Coalition have one seat more than the ALP but not hold as many 1st preference votes nationally they will argue that they should be the one’s holding a minority Government. We are in for turbenlt times.

    The only steady party at this stage is the Greens. They have indeed been the big winners in this election however they too will have some significant hurdles to overcome. With increased representation comes increased scrutiny and indeed they will have to really keep it together. Millions of Australians voted Greens and they expect a mature approach. They expect the Greens to stick to their principles. As a party member I believe they will but at what cost? Will they be seen as not being able to negotiate postive outcomes? Or will they be seen as the only party in this country that actually does what it says it will do. Only time will tell. I wish them well and intent to work with them to make sure that they keep it on track.

    The next few days will be crucial .. lets see what happens. But either way the poisend chalice awaits. The allure of power is difficult to overcome however in this case I would say that whoever takes it will surely regret it.

  6. Splatterbottom

    The Australian people have spoken. They want chaos!

  7. weewillywinkee

    I would have thought anarchy rather than chaos LOL.

  8. baldrickjones

    The best thing that can be said about this election is that the chances of Australia getting an internet filter have been significantly reduced. And this makes me feel much better about all of the other uncertainty.

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