Greens voters who choose to put Libs below Labor keep Libs out of power

The Daily Telegraph is confused, and confusing readers, with this headline:

Greens to drag ALP to victory

Because what would be far more accurate is:

Greens voters choosing to put Liberals below Labor keep Abbott out of the Lodge

Do you get the distinction? Rupert Murdoch’s News Ltd (now openly barracking for the conservatives around the country) certainly hopes you don’t.

AND: I’m sure it’s A TOTAL COINCIDENCE that the papers now calling for Abbott to be PM are the same ones who massively beat up all the anti-Labor stories to the point where their more gullible readers probably believe that every house that burns down is Peter Garrett’s fault, Julia Gillard spends billions of dollars per school hall, and that under Kevin Rudd all the mines were actually going to close down and their precious resources left abandoned underground. No matter how ridiculous these lines are when you think about them.

But it’s not like the Murdoch media have been building to this conclusion, cynically, carefully, drip by drip, for over a year – no, they just report the News. Look, it’s in their name!

7 responses to “Greens voters who choose to put Libs below Labor keep Libs out of power

  1. Headlines like that really urk me. It just entrenches the though that somehow parties decide how your vote is counted in the lower house. Upper house is different of course, but most sane people understand that it’s a nonsensical system which benefits incumbents and hence is unlikely to be changed any time soon.

  2. Shanahan on the front page of the Oz today was just… agh!

    If you want to put something as partisan opinion, that’s fine. Just don’t pretend you’re performing objective journalim.

  3. so knowing theyre newspapers in name only, why wasting time deconstructing them?

  4. Re your last point, implying the Murdoch conspiracy and all that, I do have to note that The Advertiser, Mercury, NT Times, Adelaide Sunday Mail, and Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph are all Murdoch Papers, and all supported Gillard…

  5. Yeah, the smaller much less influential ones. Conveniently, they let News Ltd pretend that it’s not just a Liberal Party cheer machine, without actually risking genuinely helping Labor.

  6. You really think they’re that cynical about it? That a directive comes out from Rupert diving such things up and the Editorial Boards are all engaged in a giant conspiracy?

  7. I doubt it’d be that overt, no. But I think that News Ltd is backing the Coalition in the battleground states is hardly a secret to its editorial staff, and it’s no coincidence that the big influential tabloids in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne all back the Liberals, as does its national broadsheet. After them, who cares what the smaller ones do?

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