Scorecards! Scorecards! Tell me how to vote!

We’ve had the GetUp! scorecard, the Make Poverty History scorecard, and now Electronic Frontiers Australia (the online civil liberties group) presents its 2010 election scorecard:

Good showing from the Sex Party there, too – just a pity they don’t have a position on issues like refugees, climate change, or public services.

So, from progressive lobbyists, through anti-poverty campaigners, through civil liberties advocates, the Greens have received full marks every time. The only more glowing endorsement they could receive is the inverse one they’re received from the ACL with its “christian values checklist” (23 points that have nothing to do with anything Jesus ever said) in which they received the very impressive score of 95% against.

There must be other scorecards out there I haven’t seen though. Is there an employers’ lobby scorecard? A mining industry scorecard? Please put your links in the comments.

Nothing makes democracy clearer for a voter than a set of ticks and crosses on a deliberately chosen and carefully worded set of issues.

14 responses to “Scorecards! Scorecards! Tell me how to vote!

  1. I’m pretty sure the AMMA (miner’s lobby) has one somewhere. And I’m pretty sure it gets stuck into the Greens and ALP because they actually want workers to have rights in the workplace.

  2. Don’t forget the AYCC (Australian Youth Climate Coalition) one:

  3. weewillywinkee

    That provides all scorecards and endorsements for the Greens thus far me thinks.

  4. Well the ACL do look romantically at the good old days of Constantine. You really don’t get much more anti-progressive (viz. conservative).

  5. One thing these scorecards do highlight is that there are differences between the majors. On all of the scorecards there is a difference between the ALP and the Liberals. Your second preference matters.

    (And I just realised how much that sounded like an ALP operative begging for your second preference).

  6. Splatterbottom

    Constantine, who rightly received the honorific “the Great”, was revered for re-uniting the empire and ending the persecution of Christians. He was a civilising influence who restored order in his time and as such he attracts much scorn from ignorati of the left.

  7. Splatterbottom: That’s fair enough. You can live like the Romans if you like. I prefer a modern society which improves with progressive thought and actions.

  8. [Constantine, who rightly received the honorific “the Great”]

    Constantine, death bed convert becuase of those hundreds of thousands he killed.. What a Christian.

    [Although he earned his honorific of “The Great” (“Μέγας”) from Christian historians long after he had died, he could have claimed the title on his military achievements and victories alone.]

    Damn right, he was a natural born killer.

    Constantine was a smart man, no doubt he realised that a monotheistic religion was a great tool to control the masses and he picked Christianity.

    “ignorati of the left.”

    LOL, right on queue, use Constantine to slam anyone to the left of SB! (which hopefully is most of the world) And you seem to think that the Christians of Old were the caring sharing type we know today, and we’re the ignorant ones? (do you know what Christains used to do to people who they erroneously accused of withcraft? Civilised my arse!)

  9. ….sorry about the square brackets all.

  10. Splatterbottom

    Austin, progressive ‘thought’ usually consists of little more than the flatulent thought-bubbles of megalomaniacs determined to re-create the world in their own misshapen image. Those of us who lived through the carnage of the Whitlam years are consequently immune to the bleatings of progressives and their asinine thoughts.

  11. “megalomaniacs”

    But but but don’t you like megalomaniacs? Just a couple of hours ago you were praising Constantine FFS, here’s a tip, we’re not as stupid as you think we are. We can read what you’ve posted, then again i quite enjoy watching you back pedal and contradict yourself.

    BTW, I’m still waiting for you to respond to my posts in the other thread, I accept you may not have seen them, they spent ages in the moderation queue.

  12. I think we can all agree that you’re immune to anything that challenges your (very narrow) world view, SB. You show us that daily right here. Ironically, though, you have the nerve to accuse the left of the very same thing.

  13. “progressive ‘thought’ usually consists of little more than the flatulent thought-bubbles of megalomaniacs determined to re-create the world in their own misshapen image”

    Well, luckily, society moves with the times and out-of-touch, angry, ageing white men such as yourself have less and less of a say in how things go.

    Just out of interest, are you opposed to any of the following once-progressive concepts:
    – women having the right to vote;
    – women being legally entitled to appear in public in skirts/dresses cut higher than their ankles;
    – indigenous people having the right to vote;
    – minimum wage laws;
    – slavery being illegal;
    – the illegality of discrimination on the basis of race;
    – abortion being legal;

    Look at the world of hell progressives have forced you to live in.

  14. I’ll add child labour to your list buns3000, you know stuff like sticking kids up chimneys, down mines or running around dangerous mechanised looms.

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