Tony begs the question on Fundies First

I was wrong. I thought that, after the Liberals and Fundies First announced their preference-swapping today, the Liberals would back down on their now dangerously question-begging “what did the ALP promise the Greens” attack. Apparently not:

“Because there are a lot of questions that need to be asked and answered about precisely what understandings … arrived at between the ALP and the Greens in order for this preference deal to be concluded,” Mr Abbott said.

Well, I’ve no reason to doubt the ALP and Greens who’ve been quite open that the “deal” was nothing more than we’ll preference you if you’ll preference us, and that neither party had much problem swallowing it because it’s what most of their voters would expect anyway.

But Tony… Tony seems to be saying that he would never engage in a preference deal without negotiating policy with the other party.

So, Mr Abbott – what nasty religious fundamentalist social policies have you promised Steve Fielding? An internet filter by a different name, perhaps? More funding by the taxpayer of hardline religious schools? Greater privileges and special rights for the most bigoted Christians (who, lets be fair, are the only ones that Fundies First represents)?

If I understand what they’re telling us, a vote for Abbott’s Liberals is a vote for Fundies First

Either you’ve offered something and should come clean, or you admit that original attack on the ALP and Greens was disingenuous and hypocritical.

You begged the question, after all.

One response to “Tony begs the question on Fundies First

  1. I’d say there’s no need for Abbott to tell us what deal was made with FF — we’ve already seen it for the last 3 years.

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